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19-Apr-2010The discovery of Phocaean Red Slip Ware (PRSW) Form 3 and Bii ware (LR1 amphorae) on sites in Ireland - an analysis within a broader frameworkKelly, Amanda
2001Distributions of Cretan Aqueducts; a window onto RomanisationKelly, Amanda
Apr-2011Final Report: Archaeological Excavations at Grange 2, M3 Clonee North of Kells motorway schemeKelly, AmandaMcLoughlin, GillWalsh, Fintan
21-Jun-2010Final Report: Archaeological Excavations at Grange 5, M3 Clonee North of Kells Motorway SchemeKelly, AmandaMcLoughlin, GillWalsh, Fintan
10-Nov-2010Final Report: M3 Clonee – North of Kells Motorway Scheme Archaeological Services Contract 4 Navan to Kells and Kells BypassKelly, AmandaMcLoughlin, GillWalsh, Fintan
2014Giuseppe Gerola's Strange Cretan BagniKelly, Amanda
20-Oct-2016Kouphonisi (Greece): a briefly vibrant Roman harbourage between Crete and AfricaCoutsinas, NadiaGuy, MaxKelly, Amanda
14-Oct-2011A Neo-Assyrian Relief in the Weingreen Museum of Biblical Antiquities, Trinity College Dublin: a case study in artefact acquisitionKelly, Amanda
8-Oct-2011Occide, verbera, ure! 'Kill him, Flog him, Burn him Alive!' (Seneca Epistles 7); The popularity, extent and duration of Roman Spectacula on CreteKelly, Amanda
14-Oct-2013Review: F.K. Yegül Bathing in the Roman World (2010) Cambridge: Cambridge University PressKelly, Amanda
2011Review: J. Knight 'South Wales, From the Romans to the Normans; Christianity, Literacy and Lordship' (2013) Gloucestershire: Amberley PublishingKelly, Amanda
2013Roman Bathhouses on Crete as Indicators of Cultural Transition: The Dynamics of Roman InfluenceKelly, Amanda
30-Oct-2003The Roman Baths of Mylopotamos: a distribution study.Kelly, Amanda
2012Roman Finewares from Sector II Pyrgi, EleuthernaKelly, Amanda
2008A Turkish Import in County Meath: Mediterranean Pottery on the M3Kelly, Amanda