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24-Nov-2017Building Manager Requirement Specifications for Efficient Building OperationPinheiro, Sérgio V.Kenny, PaulO'Donnell, James
2008Defining Zero Energy Buildings - A life cycle perspectiveHernandez, PatxiKenny, Paul
24-Nov-2017Development of a Model View Definition (MVD) for thermal comfort analysis in commercial buildings using BIM and EnergyPlusAlshehri, FawazKenny, PaulPinheiro, Sérgio V.Ali, UsmanO'Donnell, James
13-Nov-2015Development of a Model View Definition for Environmental and Energy Performance AssessmentPinheiro, Sérgio V.Corry, EdwardKenny, PaulO'Donnell, James
12-Sep-2007Energy ratings based on measured energy consumption : a practical approach for implementation of EPBD and identification of high-energy use buildings.Hernandez, PatxiKenny, PaulCohen, R.
12-Jul-2019Extending IFC to support thermal comfort prediction during designAlshehri, FawazHoare, CathalAli, UsmanShamsi, Mohammad HarisKenny, PaulO'Donnell, James
Nov-2007An Irish Building Environmental Assessment MethodKenny, PaulHourigan, NeasaBrophy, Vivienne
21-Sep-2008Life Cycle Energy Performance: Exploring the limits of passive low energy buildingsHernandez, PatxiKenny, Paul
18-Oct-2011A Methodology to Develop Judgment Skills in Sustainable Architectural EducationKenny, PaulBrophy, Vivienne
Jan-2012Net energy analysis of domestic solar water heating installations in operationHernandez, PatxiKenny, Paul
22-Jun-2009Optimising Life Cycle Energy Performance of Housing: The Value of Occupancy ControlHernandez, PatxiKenny, Paul
13-Apr-2018The Properties of our Everyday Spectral MicroclimateKenny, PaulMardaljevic, JohnHopfe, Christina
1-Jan-2017Requirements for BIM-based thermal comfort analysisAlshehri, FawazKenny, PaulO'Donnell, James
7-Nov-2017Requirements specification to support BIM-based Thermal Comfort analysisAlshehri, FawazKenny, PaulO'Donnell, James
19-May-2005Sensitivity analysis of a maritime located night ventilated library buildingConnolly, D.Finn, DonalKenny, Paul
Sep-2007Sensitivity Analysis of the EPBD Energy Performance Grading of BuildingsBurke, KevinKenny, PaulFinn, Donal
Oct-2005The transparency and repeatability of building energy performance certificationBurke, KevinFinn, DonalKenny, Paul
2006Whole-Sky Luminance Maps from Calibrated Digital PhotographyKenny, PaulOlley, John A.Lewis, J. Owen