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Nov-2014Advances in magnetic tweezers for single molecule and cell biophysicsKilinc, DevrimLee, Gil U.
20-Jul-2016Bio-Nano-Magnetic Materials for Localized Mechanochemical Stimulation of Cell Growth and DeathKilinc, DevrimDennis, Cindi L.Lee, Gil U.
Jan-2017Charge and topography patterned lithium niobate provides physical cues to fluidically isolated cortical axonsKilinc, DevrimBlasiak, AgataBaghban, Mohammad AminCarville, N. CraigAl-Aladi, A.Al-Shammari, Rusul M.Rice, James H.Lee, Gil U.Rodriguez, Brian al.
20-Aug-2013Flow enhanced non-linear magnetophoretic separation of beads based on magnetic susceptibilityLi, PengKilinc, DevrimYing, Fen RanLee, Gil U.
Sep-2014In vitro study of the interaction of heregulin-functionalized magnetic-optical nanorods with MCF7 and MDA-MB- 231 cellsLesniak, AnnaKilinc, DevrimRashdan, Suad AhmedKriegsheim, Alexander vonAshall, B.Zerulla, DominicKolch, WalterLee, Gil U.
18-Feb-2015Mechanochemical Stimulation of MCF7 Cells with Rod-Shaped Fe-Au Janus Particles Induces Cell Death through Paradoxical Hyperactivation of ERKKilinc, DevrimLesniak, AnnaRashdan, Suad AhmedGandhi, DhruvBlasiak, AgataFannin, Paul C.Kriegsheim, Alexander vonKolch, WalterLee, Gil U.
1-Jan-2016A microfluidic dual gradient generator for conducting cell-based drug combination assaysKilinc, DevrimSchwab, JefremRampini, StefanoIkpekha, Oshoke W.Thampi, AshwinBlasiak, AgataLi, PengSchwamborn, RobertKolch, WalterMatallanas, DavidLee, Gil U.
10-Jul-2015Micromagnet arrays for on-chip focusing, switching, and separation of superparamagnetic beads and single cellsRampini, StefanoKilinc, DevrimLi, PengMonteil, C.Gandhi, DhruvLee, Gil U.
2015Neuron Sub-Populations with Different Elongation Rates and DCC Dynamics Exhibit Distinct Responses to Isolated Netrin-1 TreatmentBlasiak, AgataLee, Gil U.Kilinc, Devrim
5-Jan-2017Neuronal Cell Bodies Remotely Regulate Axonal Growth Response to Localized Netrin-1 Treatment via Second Messenger and DCC DynamicsBlasiak, AgataKilinc, DevrimLee, Gil U.