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May-2017Adult Safeguarding Legislation and Policy Rapid Realist Literature ReviewDonnelly, SarahO'Brien, MaritaWalsh, JudyMcInerney, JoanneCampbell, JimKodate, Naonori
Apr-2012The attitudes and awareness of London based emergency department physicians towards the management of common dentofacial emergenciesTrivedy, ChetanKodate, NaonoriRoss, Alastairet al.
Sep-2017Bringing the family in through the back door: the stealthy expansion of family care in Asian and European long-term care policyKodate, NaonoriTimonen, Virpi
Aug-2020Can connected technologies improve sleep quality and safety of older adults and care-givers? An evaluation study of sleep monitors and communicative robots at a residential care home in JapanObayashi, KazukoKodate, NaonoriMasuyama, Shigeru
14-Oct-2018Enhancing older people’s activity and participation with socially assistive robots: a multicentre quasi-experimental study using the ICF frameworkObayashi, KazukoKodate, NaonoriMasuyama, Shigeru
Dec-2010Events, Public Discourses and Responsive Government: Quality Assurance in Health Care in England, Sweden and JapanKodate, Naonori
13-Mar-2020Home-care Professionals’ Ethical Perceptions of the Development and Use of Home-care Robots for Older Adults in JapanSuwa, SayuriTsujimura, MayukoIde, HirooKodate, Naonoriet al.
May-2019How do nurses and midwives perceive their preparedness for quality improvement and patient safety in practice? A cross-sectional national study in IrelandGallen, AnneKodate, NaonoriCasey, Dearbhla
Dec-2015Learning from patient safety incidents in incident review meetings: Organisational factors and indicators of analytic process effectivenessAnderson, Janet E.Kodate, Naonori
Sep-2010Mission Completed? Changing Visibility of Women's Colleges in England and Japan and Their Roles in Promoting Gender Equality in ScienceKodate, NaonoriKodate, KashikoKodate, Takako
Nov-2012Non-Technical Skills (NTS) for enhancing patient safety: achievements and future directionsKodate, NaonoriRoss, AnthonyAnderson, Janet E.Flin, R.
20-Mar-2014Paving the way and passing the torch: mentors' motivation and experience of supporting women in optical engineeringKodate, NaonoriKodate, KashikoKodate, Takako
Feb-2020Professional practice following regulatory change: An evaluation using principles of “Better Regulation”Lynch, MatthewKodate, Naonori
11-Aug-2018Regulating risks in healthcare in Japan: Between new politics and the tradition of liberal practice in medicineKodate, Naonori
2002Scottish Devolution: A Slippery Path towards Consensus Democracy?Kodate, Naonori
Jun-2013Simulation training for improving the quality of care for older people: an independent evaluation of an innovative programme for inter-professional educationRoss, AlastairAnderson, Janet E.Kodate, Naonoriet al.
Dec-2012Understanding clinical risk decision making regarding development of depression during interferon-alpha treatment for hepatitis-C: A qualitative interview studyHepgul, NilayKodate, NaonoriAnderson, Janet al.
Aug-2012Understanding institutional conversion: the case of the National Reporting and Learning SystemDodds, AnnelieseKodate, Naonori
Feb-2018What are the mechanisms that enable the reciprocal involvement of seldom heard groups in health and social care research? A rapid realist review protocolNí Shé, ÉidínDavies, CarmelBlake, CatherineCrowley, RachelMcCann, AmandaFullen, Brona M.O'Donnell, DeirdreDonnelly, SarahMcAuliffe, EilishGallagher, William M.Walsh, JudyKodate, NaonoriCutlar, LauraCooney, Marie ThereseKroll, Thiloet al.