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11-Dec-2015Cyclic Nucleotide-dependent Protein Kinases Target ARHGAP17 and ARHGEF6 Complexes in PlateletsNagy, ZoltanWynne, KieranKriegsheim, Alexander vonGambaryan, StepanSmolenski, Albert P.
18-Sep-2014HEATR2 Plays a Conserved Role in Assembly of the Ciliary Motile ApparatusDiggle, Christine P.Moore, Daniel J.Mali, GirishGarcia Munoz, AmayaKriegsheim, Alexander vonet al.
6-Jun-2014HGF induces epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition by modulating the mammalian Hippo/MST2 and ISG15 pathwaysFarrell, JenniferKelly, CiaraRauch, JensKida, KatarzynaGarcia Munoz, AmayaMonsefi, NaserTurriziani, BenedettaDoherty, CarolanneMehta, J. P.Matallanas, DavidSimpson, Jeremy C.Kolch, WalterKriegsheim, Alexander von
Sep-2014In vitro study of the interaction of heregulin-functionalized magnetic-optical nanorods with MCF7 and MDA-MB- 231 cellsLesniak, AnnaKilinc, DevrimRashdan, Suad AhmedKriegsheim, Alexander vonAshall, B.Zerulla, DominicKolch, WalterLee, Gil U.
16-Nov-2011Linear Approaches to Intramolecular Förster Resonance Energy Transfer Probe Measurements for Quantitative ModelingBirtwistle, Marc R.Kriegsheim, Alexander vonKida, Katarzynaet al.
2012Mammalian protein expression noise: scaling principles and the implications for knockdown experimentsBirtwistle, Marc R.Kriegsheim, Alexander vonDobrzyński, Maciejet al.
18-Feb-2015Mechanochemical Stimulation of MCF7 Cells with Rod-Shaped Fe-Au Janus Particles Induces Cell Death through Paradoxical Hyperactivation of ERKKilinc, DevrimLesniak, AnnaRashdan, Suad AhmedGandhi, DhruvBlasiak, AgataFannin, Paul C.Kriegsheim, Alexander vonKolch, WalterLee, Gil U.
25-Jun-2014Nonlinear signalling networks and cell-to-cell variability transform external signals into broadly distributed or bimodal responsesDobrzyński, MaciejNguyen, Lan K.Birtwistle, Marc R.Kriegsheim, Alexander vonFernández, Alfonso BlancoCheong, AlexKolch, WalterKholodenko, Boris N.
16-Apr-2014On-Beads Digestion in Conjunction with Data-Dependent Mass Spectrometry: A Shortcut to Quantitative and Dynamic Interaction ProteomicsTurriziani, BenedettaGarcia Munoz, AmayaPilkington, RuthRaso, CinziaKolch, WalterKriegsheim, Alexander von
Oct-2013Regulation of IL-1β-induced NF-κB by hydroxylases links key hypoxic and inflammatory signaling pathwaysScholz, Carsten C.Cavadas, Miguel A. S.Tambuwala, Murtaza M.Hams, EmilyRodriguez, JavierKriegsheim, Alexander vonCotter, PhilipBruning, UlrikeFallon, Padraic G.Cheong, AlexCummins, Eoin P.Taylor, Cormac T.