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10-Jun-2019A Comparative Study of Methods for Measurement of Energy of ComputingFahad, MuhammadShahid, ArsalanManumachu, RaviLastovetsky, Alexey
12-Dec-2008Grid-Enabled Hydropad: a Scientific Application for Benchmarking GridRPC-Based Programming SystemsGuidolin, MicheleLastovetsky, Alexey
2008Heterogeneous PBLAS: A Set of Parallel Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms for Heterogeneous Computational ClustersReddy, RaviLastovetsky, AlexeyAlonso, Pedro
Jul-2009How Algorithm Definition Language (ADL) Improves the Performance of SmartGridSolve ApplicationsGuidolin, MicheleBrady, ThomasLastovetsky, Alexey
Oct-2006Matrix Multiplication on Two Interconnected ProcessorsBecker, Brett A.Lastovetsky, Alexey
30-May-2006Modeling Performance of Many-to-One Collective Communication Operations in Heterogeneous ClustersLastovetsky, AlexeyMkwawa, Is-HakaO'Flynn, Maureen
Apr-2005A Non-Intrusive and Incremental Approach to Enabling Direct Communications in RPC-based Grid Programming SystemsLastovetsky, Alexey
1-Aug-2020A Novel Statistical Learning-Based Methodology for Measuring the Goodness of Energy Profiles of Applications Executing on Multicore Computing PlatformsFahad, MuhammadShahid, ArsalanManumachu, RaviLastovetsky, Alexey
19-Dec-2005A Parallel Algorithm for the Solution of the Deconvolution Problem in Heterogeneous NetworksAlonso, PedroLastovetsky, AlexeyVidal, Antonio M.
2009Parallel Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms for Heterogeneous Computational Clusters of Multicore ProcessorsAlonso, PedroReddy, RaviLastovetsky, Alexey
25-May-2012Partitioning for Parallel Matrix-Matrix Multiplication with Heterogeneous Processors: The Optimal SolutionDeFlumere, AshleyLastovetsky, AlexeyBecker, Brett A.
5-Jul-2018Recent Advances in Matrix Partitioning for Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous PlatformsBeaumont, OlivierBecker, Brett A.DeFlumere, AshleyEyraud-Dubois, LionelLambert, ThomasLastovetsky, Alexey
Oct-2009SmartGridRPC: The new RPC model for high performance Grid computingBrady, ThomasDongarra, JackGuidolin, MicheleLastovetsky, AlexeySeymour, Keith
Sep-2011Theoretical Results on Optimal Partitoning for Matrix-Matrix Multiplication with Two ProcessorsDeFlumere, AshleyLastovetsky, Alexey
8-Jul-2007Towards Data Partitioning for Parallel Computing on Three Interconnected ClustersBecker, Brett A.Lastovetsky, Alexey