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10-Jun-2019A Comparative Study of Methods for Measurement of Energy of ComputingFahad, MuhammadShahid, ArsalanManumachu, RaviLastovetsky, Alexey
2008Heterogeneous PBLAS: A Set of Parallel Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms for Heterogeneous Computational ClustersReddy, RaviLastovetsky, AlexeyAlonso, Pedro
Oct-2006Matrix Multiplication on Two Interconnected ProcessorsBecker, Brett A.Lastovetsky, Alexey
30-May-2006Modeling Performance of Many-to-One Collective Communication Operations in Heterogeneous ClustersLastovetsky, AlexeyMkwawa, Is-HakaO'Flynn, Maureen
Apr-2005A Non-Intrusive and Incremental Approach to Enabling Direct Communications in RPC-based Grid Programming SystemsLastovetsky, Alexey
19-Dec-2005A Parallel Algorithm for the Solution of the Deconvolution Problem in Heterogeneous NetworksAlonso, PedroLastovetsky, AlexeyVidal, Antonio M.
25-May-2012Partitioning for Parallel Matrix-Matrix Multiplication with Heterogeneous Processors: The Optimal SolutionDeFlumere, AshleyLastovetsky, AlexeyBecker, Brett A.
5-Jul-2018Recent Advances in Matrix Partitioning for Parallel Computing on Heterogeneous PlatformsBeaumont, OlivierBecker, Brett A.DeFlumere, AshleyEyraud-Dubois, LionelLambert, ThomasLastovetsky, Alexey
8-Jul-2007Towards Data Partitioning for Parallel Computing on Three Interconnected ClustersBecker, Brett A.Lastovetsky, Alexey