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1-Mar-2009Analysis of the photo-absorptive behavior of two different photosensitizers in a photopolymer materialLiu, ShuiGleeson, M. R.Sheridan, John T.
Sep-2008Examination of the photoinitiation processes in photopolymer materialsGleeson, M. R.Liu, ShuiO'Duill, SeanSheridan, John T.
Nov-2009Extended model of the photoinitiation mechanisms in photopolymer materialsLiu, ShuiGleeson, M. R.Sabol, DušanSheridan, John T.
1-Mar-2008Improvement of the spatial frequency response of photopolymer materials by modifying polymer chain lengthGleeson, M. R.Sabol, DušanLiu, ShuiClose, Ciara E.Kelly, John V.Sheridan, John T.
26-Jul-2007Modeling the photochemical effects present during holographic grating formation in photopolymer materialsGleeson, M. R.Kelly, John V.Sabol, DušanClose, Ciara E.Liu, ShuiSheridan, John T.
1-Sep-2010Non-local photo-polymerization kinetics including multiple termination mechanisms and dark reactions : part III. Primary radical generation and inhibitionGleeson, M. R.Liu, ShuiGuo, JinxinSheridan, John T.
19-Aug-2009Nonlocal photopolymerization kinetics including multiple termination mechanisms and dark reactions. Part II. Experimental validationGleeson, M. R.Liu, ShuiMcLeod, Robert R.Sheridan, John T.
10-Mar-2010Photoinitiation study of Irgacure 784 in an epoxy resin photopolymerSabol, DušanGleeson, M. R.Liu, ShuiSheridan, John T.