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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2016Active learning for text classification with reusabilityHu, RongMacNamee, BrianDelany, Sarah Jane
27-Sep-2018Advanced Flight Efficiency Key Performance Indicators to support Air Traffic Analytics: Assessment of European flight efficiency using ADS-B dataLópez-Leonés, JavierPolaina Morales, ManuelD'Alto, LuisMacNamee, BrianWang, ShenGrover, Adityaet al.
17-May-2019Anomaly Detection in Raw Audio Using Deep Autoregressive NetworksRushe, EllenMacNamee, Brian
21-Sep-2016Benchmarking Multi-label Classification AlgorithmsPakrashi, ArjunGreene, DerekMacNamee, Brian
19-Nov-2019CascadeML: An Automatic Neural Network Architecture Evolution and Training Algorithm for Multi-label ClassificationPakrashi, ArjunMacNamee, Brian
27-Mar-2019A Categorisation of Post-hoc Explanations for Predictive ModelsMitros, John (Ioannis)MacNamee, Brian
Oct-2021COVID-19 modelling by time-varying transmission rate associated with mobility trend of driving via Apple MapsJing, MinNg, Kok YewMacNamee, Brianet al.
30-Oct-2019Degree Centrality and the Probability of an Infectious Disease Outbreak in Towns within a Region Outbreak in Towns within a RegionHunter, ElizabethKelleher, JohnMacNamee, Brian
13-May-2020Diverging Divergences: Examining Variants of Jensen Shannon Divergence for Corpus Comparison TasksLu, JinghuiHenchion, MaeveMacNamee, Brian
30-Apr-2020The Elliptical Basis Function Data Descriptor (EBFDD) Network: A One-Class Classification Approach to Anomaly DetectionBazargani, Mehran Hossein ZadehMacNamee, Brian
21-Sep-2016Ensemble Topic Modeling via Matrix FactorizationBelford, MarkMacNamee, BrianGreene, Derek
17-Sep-2017Evaluating Citywide Bus Service Reliability Using Noisy GPS DataWang, ShenMacNamee, Brian
1-Jan-2017Extending Jensen Shannon Divergence to Compare Multiple CorporaLu, JinghuiHenchion, MaeveMacNamee, Brian
31-Aug-2020Extracting Pasture Phenotype and Biomass Percentages using Weakly Supervised Multi-target Deep Learning on a Small DatasetNarayanan, BadriSaadeldin, MohamedAlbert, PaulMcGuinness, KevinMacNamee, Brian
6-Jun-2016Graphical Perception of Value Distributions: An Evaluation of Non-Expert Viewers Data LiteracyZubiaga, ArkaitzMacNamee, Brian
12-Dec-2019Handling Noisy Constraints in Semi-supervised Overlapping Community FindingAlghamdi, ElhamRushe, EllenBazargani, Mehran Hossein ZadehMacNamee, BrianGreene, Derek
Jun-2019Kalman Filter-based Heuristic Ensemble (KFHE): A new perspective on multi-class ensemble classification using Kalman filtersPakrashi, ArjunMacNamee, Brian
1-Jul-2015Knowing What You Dont Know: Choosing the Right Chart to Show Data Distributions to Non-Expert UsersZubiaga, ArkaitzMacNamee, Brian
7-Dec-2018MeetupNet Dublin: Discovering Communities in Dublin's Meetup NetworkPakrashi, ArjunAlghamdi, ElhamMacNamee, BrianGreene, Derek
30-Apr-2020A Model for the Spread of Infectious Diseases in a RegionHunter, ElizabethMacNamee, BrianKelleher, John