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27-Sep-2012Area efficient concurrent error detection and correction for parallel filtersReviriego, P.Pontarelli, SalvatoreBleakley, Chris J.Maestro, J.A.
Apr-2013Diverse Double Modular Redundancy: A New Direction for Soft Error Detection and CorrectionReviriego, P.Bleakley, Chris J.Maestro, J.A.
Jun-2009Efficient Concurrent Error Detection and Correction of Soft Errors in NTT-based ConvolutionsO'Donnell, AnneBleakley, Chris J.Reviriego, P.Maestro, J.A.
Jan-2011Implications of energy efficient Ethernet for hubs and switchesReviriego, P.Maestro, J.A.Bleakley, Chris J.
23-Jun-2010Increasing the MTU size for Energy Efficiency in EthernetReviriego, P.Sanchez-Macian, A.Maestro, J.A.Bleakley, Chris J.
Sep-2013Low Complexity Concurrent Error Detection for Complex MultiplicationPontarelli, SalvatoreReviriego, P.Bleakley, Chris J.Maestro, J.A.
Jun-2011Low-Complexity Concurrent Error Detection for Convolution with Fast Fourier TransformsBleakley, Chris J.Reviriego, P.Maestro, J.A.
Jun-2012A Novel Concurrent Error Detection Technique for the Fast Fourier TransformReviriego, P.Bleakley, Chris J.Maestro, J.A.
Feb-2010Reliability Analysis of Memories Protected with BICS and a per-Word Parity BitReviriego, P.Maestro, J.A.Bleakley, Chris J.
10-Nov-2011Signal Shaping Dual Modular Redundancy for Soft Error Tolerant Finite Impulse Response FiltersReviriego, P.Bleakley, Chris J.Maestro, J.A.
Aug-2011Structural DMR: A Technique for Implementation of Soft Error Tolerant FIR FiltersReviriego, P.Bleakley, Chris J.Maestro, J.A.