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30-Mar-2020Application of Bologna cycle programme structures and the European credit transfer system to Irish civil engineering programmesMagette, W. L.Richardson, Mark G.
Oct-2010Attitudes and behaviour towards waste management in the Dublin, Ireland regionPurcell, M.Magette, W. L.
18-Mar-2007Characterization of household and commercial BMW generation according to socio-economic and other factors for the Dublin RegionPurcell, M.Magette, W. L.
Jun-2008Composition and distribution of organic waste in Ireland : implications for land application practicesTaffese Tanto, MebrateMagette, W. L.
2008Eutrophication from agricultural sourcesCarton, Owen T.Tunney, H.Daly, KarenRyan, MichaelKurz, I.Doody, DonnachaBourke, DavidKiely, GerardMorgan, G. (Gerard)Moles, RichardJordan, P.Ryan, D.Irvine, KennethJennings, EleanorMagette, W. L.Bruen, MichaelMulqueen, JohnRodgers, M. (Michael)Johnston, PaulBartley, Pamela
2007Eutrophication from agricultural sources : field- and catchment-scale risk assessmentMagette, W. L.Hallissey, RonanHughes, KristenCosgrove, Emer
Sep-2010A hierarchy for land application of organic wastes : influence of urban stakeholdersTaffese Tanto, MebrateMagette, W. L.
Mar-2005Identifying critical source areas for phosphorus loss in Ireland using field and catchment scale ranking schemesHughes, K.J.Magette, W. L.Kurz, I.
Jun-1989Managing Ground Water Quality in Relation to Agricultural ActivitiesMagette, W. L.Shirmohammadi, AdelLessley, Billy al.
1-Nov-2015Mathematical model as a standard procedure to analyze small and large water distribution networksPrieto Lage, Miguel ÁngelMurado García, Miguel AnxoBartlett, JohnMagette, W. L.Curran, Thomas P.
1989A nitrate groundwater standard for the 1990 farm billMagette, W. L.Weismiller, R. A.Angle, J. al.
Mar-1989Nutrient and Sediment Removal by Vegetated Filter StipsMagette, W. L.Brinsfield, Russell B.Palmer, Robert E.Wood, James D.
2010Overview of measures to control pollution of water resourcesMagette, W. L.
Apr-2009Prediction of household and commercial BMW generation according to socio-economic and other factors for the Dublin regionPurcell, M.Magette, W. L.
Oct-2007Prediction of Residential BMW Generation According to Socio-Economic And Household Characteristics For The Dublin RegionPurcell, M.Magette, W. L.
Sep-2011Targeted intervention strategies to optimise diversion of BMW in the Dublin, Ireland regionPurcell, M.Magette, W. L.
Mar-2010Urban attitude towards land application of municipal and industrial biosolidsTaffese Tanto, MebrateMagette, W. L.
Dec-2006Water Framework Directive - integration, negotiation and communication of optimal measures with stakeholders (WINCOMS) : STRIVE reportBruen, MichaelKelly, MaryMagette, W. L.Gaffey, E.Kochanek, K.Bryan, S.Hallissey, Ronan