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29-Jul-2014A 13C-NMR study of azacryptand complexesWild, Aljoscha A. C.Fennell, KevinMorgan, Grace G.Hewage, ChandralalMalthouse, J.Paul G.
Jun-2014Hemiacetal stabilization in a chymotrypsin inhibitor complex and the reactivity of the hydroxyl group of the catalytic serine residue of chymotrypsinCleary, Jennifer A.Doherty, WilliamEvans, PaulMalthouse, J.Paul G.
5-Jul-2012The importance of tetrahedral intermediate formation in the catalytic mechanism of the serine proteases chymotrypsin and subtilisinPetrillo, TeodolindaO'Donohoe, Catrina A.Howe, NicoleMalthouse, J.Paul G.
Feb-2012Mechanism of the binding of Z-L-tryptophan and Z-L-phenylalanine to thermolysin and stromelysin-1 in aqueous solutionsCeruso, MariangelaHowe, NicoleMalthouse, J.Paul G.
Mar-2016A new Lysine derived glyoxal inhibitor of trypsin, its properties and utilization for studying the Stabilization of Tetrahedral adducts by TrypsinCleary, Jennifer A.Malthouse, J.Paul G.
Aug-2009Oxyanion and tetrahedral intermediate stabilization by subtilisin : detection of a new tetrahedral adductHowe, NicoleRogers, LouisHewage, ChandralalMalthouse, J.Paul G.
Oct-2011pH stability of the stromelysin-1 catalytic domain and its mechanism of interaction with a glyoxal inhibitorHowe, NicoleCeruso, MariangelaSpink, EdwardMalthouse, J.Paul G.
Oct-2015Quantifying tetrahedral adduct formation and stabilization in the cysteine and the serine proteasesCleary, Jennifer A.Doherty, WilliamEvans, PaulMalthouse, J.Paul G.