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2010Buyer Supplier Perspectives on Supply Chain RelationshipsAmbrose, EamonnMarshall, DonnaLynch, Daniel F.
2016Changing a leopard's spots: A new research direction for organizational culture in the operations management fieldMarshall, DonnaMetters, RichPagell, Mark
Jan-2008Communication media selection in buyer-supplier relationshipsAmbrose, EamonnMarshall, DonnaFynes, BrianLynch, Daniel F.
2005The development of an outsourcing process modelMarshall, DonnaLamming, RichardFynes, BrianDe Búrca, Seán
2015Environmental and Social Supply Chain Management Sustainability Practices: Construct Development and MeasurementMarshall, DonnaMcCarthy, LucyHeavey, CiaranMcGrath, Paul
2015Going above and beyond: How sustainability culture and entrepreneurial orientation drive social sustainability supply chain practice adoptionMarshall, DonnaMcCarthy, LucyMcGrath, PaulClaudy, Marius C.
Dec-2007Influences and outcomes of outsourcing: Insights from the telecommunications industryMarshall, DonnaMcIvor, RonanLamming, Richard
2015Old habits die hard: Exploring the effect of supply chain dependency and culture on performance outcomes and relationship satisfactionCadden, TrevorMarshall, DonnaHumphreys, PaulYang, Ying
2013Opposites attract: organisational culture and supply chain performanceCadden, TrevorMarshall, DonnaCao, Guangming
2016Piggy in the Middle: How Direct Customer Power Impacts First-tier Supplier Socially Responsible Procurement Practices and PerformanceMarshall, DonnaMcCarthy, LucyClaudy, Marius C.McGrath, Paul
24-Jul-2013Power asymmetry, adaptation, and collaboration in dyadic relationships involving a powerful partnerNyaga, Gilbert N.Lynch, Daniel F.Marshall, DonnaAmbrose, Eamonn
2015Self-interest or the greater good: How political and rational dynamics influence the outsourcing processMarshall, DonnaAmbrose, EamonnMcIvor, RonanLamming, Richard
Jan-2016What's Your Strategy for Supply Chain Disclosure?Marshall, DonnaMcCarthy, LucyMcGrath, PaulHarrigan, Fiona