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Jun-2017A 34-year simulation of wind generation potential for Ireland and the impact of large-scale atmospheric pressure patternsCradden, Lucy C.McDermott, FrankZubiate, LauraSweeney, ConorO'Malley, Mark
1-Aug-2011The coupled δ13C-radiocarbon systematics of three late Glacial/early Holocene speleothems; insights into soil and cave processes at climatic transitionsRudzka, DominikaMcDermott, FrankBaldini, Lisa M.Fleitmann, DominikMoreno, AnaStoll, Heather
Nov-2015Data-model comparison of soil–water δ18O at a temperate site in N. Spain with implications for interpreting speleothem δ18OComas-Bru, LaiaMcDermott, Frank
Dec-2011A first evaluation of the spatial gradients in δ18O recorded by European Holocene speleothemsMcDermott, FrankAtkinson, TimFairchild, Ian J.Baldini, Lisa M.Mattey, David P.
22-May-2013Impacts of the EA and SCA patterns on the European twentieth century NAO-winter climate relationshipComas-Bru, LaiaMcDermott, Frank
Aug-2012A late-Holocene climate record in stalagmites from Modrič Cave (Croatia)Rudzka, DominikaMcDermott, FrankSuric, Masa
Nov-2014Potential seasonal calibration for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction using skeletal microstructures and strontium measurements from the cold-water coral Lophelia pertusaMouchi, VincentCrowley, Quentin G.Jackson, Andrew L.McDermott, Franket al.
1-Aug-2020Water quality perceptions and private well management: The role of perceived risks, worry and controlSchuitema, GeertjeHooks, TeresaMcDermott, Frank