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Jan-2012Amplification success of multilocus genotypes from feathers found in the field compared with feathers obtained from shot birdsJohansson, Magnus P.McMahon, Barry J.Höglund, JacobSegelbacher, Gernot
Dec-2013Antibiotic resistance patterns in Escherichia coli from gulls in nine European countriesStedt, JohanBonnedah, JonasHernandez, JorgeMcMahon, Barry al.
Nov-2015Antimicrobial Resistance in Wildlife: Implications for Public HealthCarroll, D.Wang, J.Fanning, SéamusMcMahon, Barry J.
4-Feb-2010An assessment of bird species within Irish agricultural landscapes using the Field Boundary Evaluation and Grading System.McMahon, Barry J.Sheridan, HelenKinsella, AnnePurvis, Gordon
2008Breeding bird populations of Irish peatlands : capsule peatlands are very important habitats for birds despite low species diversityBracken, FintanMcMahon, Barry J.Whelan, John
16-Jan-2013A comparison of winter bird communities in agricultural grassland and cereal habitats in Ireland: implications for Common Agricultural Policy reformMcMahon, Barry J.Carnus, TimWhelan, John
Jul-2012Different bioindicators measured at different spatial scales vary in their response to agricultural intensityMcMahon, Barry J.Anderson, AnnetteCarnus, TimHelden, AlvinKelly-Quinn, MaryMaki, AmelSheridan, HelenPurvis, Gordon
Dec-2007Evaluation of Red Grouse (Lagopus lagopus scoticus) habitat in the Connemara National ParkFinnerty, Eugene J.Dunne, JamesMcMahon, Barry J.
Jul-2005Farmland birds and the field boundary evaluation and grading system in IrelandMcMahon, Barry J.Whelan, JohnKirwan, LauraCollier, Marcus
Jun-2012Genetic variation among endangered Irish red grouse (Lagopus lagopus hibernicus) populations: implications for conservation and management.McMahon, Barry J.Johansson, Magnus P.Piertney, Stuart B.Buckley, KieranHöglund, Jacob
30-Jul-2010Identifying set-aside features for bird conservation and management in northeast Iberian pseudo-steppesMcMahon, Barry J.Giralt, DavidRaurell, MontseBrotons, LluísBota, Gerard
2003The impact of farming on over-wintering bird populationsMcMahon, Barry J.Whelan, JohnBracken, FintanKavanagh, Brendan
15-Oct-2010Interactions between livestock systems and biodiversity in South-East IrelandMcMahon, Barry J.Helden, AlvinAnderson, AnnetteSheridan, HelenKinsella, AnnePurvis, Gordon
Dec-2007Irish agriculture and farmland birds, research to date and future prioritiesMcMahon, Barry J.
Apr-2017A novel method for quantifying overdispersion in count data with application to farmland birdsMcMahon, Barry J.Purvis, GordonSheridan, HelenSiriwardena, Gavin M.Parnell, Andrew C.
Dec-2013Regional and farm system drivers of avian biodiversity within agriculture ecosystemsMcMahon, Barry J.Sheridan, HelenAnderson, AnnetteCarnus, TimPurvis, Gordon
11-Aug-2018A scoping review on the prevalence of Shiga-toxigenic Escherichia coli in wild animal speciesEspinosa, LauraGray, AiméeDuffy, GeraldineFanning, SéamusMcMahon, Barry J.
Feb-2016Soil Stewardship as a nexus between Ecosystem Services and One HealthKeith, Aidan M.Schmidt, OlafMcMahon, Barry J.
3-Mar-2015Squirrelpox virus reservoir expansion on the east coast of IrelandStritch, CarinNaulty, FavelZintl, AnnettaCallanan, John J.Mccullough, MaureenMcMahon, Barry al.
Dec-2012Survey evaluation for species richness of farmland birdsMcMahon, Barry J.Copland, Alex S.Kirwan, LauraPurvis, GordonWhelan, John