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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2009Assessment of ultrasonic signals to determine the early age properties of concretes incorporating secondary cementitious materialsO'Connell, M.McNally, CiaranDonohue, ShaneBonal, JulienRichardson, Mark G.
Aug-2010Biochemical attack on concrete in wastewater applications : a state of the art reviewO'Connell, M.McNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.
2005Chloride diffusion coeficient determination for specificationsMcNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.Evans, ConorCallanan, Thomas
2011Combining structural analysis and multi-objective criteria for evolutionary architectural designByrne, JonathanFenton, MichaelHemberg, ErikMcDermott, JamesO'Neill, MichaelShotton, ElizabethMcNally, Ciaran
30-Aug-2018A comparative study on different BFRP rebar design methodologiesAntonopoulou, SofiaMcNally, CiaranByrne, Greg
11-Apr-2018Contributions by Marie Sklodowska-Curie TRUSS-ITN towards reducing uncertainty in structural safety of buildings, roads, energy and marine infrastructureGonzález, ArturoPerrotta, FedericoMilana, GiuliaSourav, Shah Nur AlamAntonopoulou, SofiaMcNally, Ciaranet al.
30-Aug-2016Developing braided FRP reinforcement for concrete structuresAntonopoulou, SofiaMcNally, CiaranByrne, Greg
Apr-2006Development of a combined micromechanics & damage mechanics model for the design of asphalt pavementsTabakovic, AmirMcNally, CiaranSorelli, L. G.Gibney, AmandaGilchrist, M. D.
Aug-2008Development of a recycled polymer modified binder for use in stone mastic asphaltCasey, DonnchadhMcNally, CiaranGibney, AmandaGilchrist, M. D.
16-Dec-2016Development of Braided Basalt FRP Rebar for Reinforcement of Concrete StructuresAntonopoulou, SofiaMcNally, CiaranByrne, Greg
Jan-2009Development of calcium sulfate - ggbs - Portland cement bindersO'Rourke, BrianMcNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.
Jun-2009DIRECT-MAT : sharing knowledge and practices on recycling of road materials in EuropeArm, MariaDescantes, YannickDe la Roche, ChantelPihl, Knud A.Gaspar, LaszloMollenhauer, Konradde Lurdes Antunes, MariaDe Bock, LucMcNally, Ciaran
May-2004Domain size as a parameter for studying the potential alkali-silica reactivity of chert-bearing aggregatesMcNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.Carr, A. J. (Alun J.)Strogen, Peter
Sep-2007Effective use of corrosion inhibitors in highway structuresRichardson, Mark G.McNally, Ciaran
24-Apr-2010Evolutionary design using grammatical evolution and shape grammars : designing a shelterO'Neill, MichaelMcDermott, JamesSwafford, John MarkByrne, JonathanHemberg, ErikBrabazon, AnthonyShotton, ElizabethMcNally, CiaranHemberg, Martin
Dec-2008Examination of a novel wavelet based approach for bender element testingBonal, JulienDonohue, ShaneMcNally, Ciaran
Feb-2006Fatigue resistance of bituminous layers incorporating reclaimed asphalt pavementTabakovic, AmirGibney, AmandaGilchrist, M. D.McNally, Ciaran
Oct-2006The influence of recycled asphalt pavement on 20mm binder course mix performanceTabakovic, AmirGibney, AmandaGilchrist, M. D.McNally, Ciaran
Jun-2010The influence of recycled asphalt pavement on the fatigue performance of asphalt concrete base coursesTabakovic, AmirGibney, AmandaMcNally, CiaranGilchrist, M. D.
10-Oct-2018Mechanical characterisation of braided BFRP rebars for internal concrete reinforcementAntonopoulou, SofiaMcNally, CiaranByrne, Greg