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Apr-2013Accounting Narratives and Impression ManagementBrennan, NiamhMerkl-Davies, Doris M.
14-Dec-2011A conceptual framework of impression management : new insights from psychology, sociology, and critical perspectivesMerkl-Davies, Doris M.Brennan, Niamh
Dec-2011A conceptual framework of impression management: new insights from psychology, sociology, and critical perspectivesBrennan, NiamhMerkl-Davies, Doris M.
Jul-2013Dialogism in Corporate Social Responsibility Communications: Conceptualising Verbal Interactions between Organisations and their AudiencesBrennan, NiamhMerkl-Davies, Doris M.Beelitz, Annika
2007Discretionary disclosure strategies in corporate narratives : incremental information or impression management?Merkl-Davies, Doris M.Brennan, Niamh
Nov-2017Explaining Communication Choices during Equity Offerings: Market Timing or Impression Management?Hemmings, Danial R.Brennan, NiamhMerkl-Davies, Doris M.
Apr-2011Impression management and retrospective sense-making in corporate narratives : a social psychology perspectiveMerkl-Davies, Doris M.Brennan, NiamhMcLeay, Stuart
May-2005A new methodology to measure impression management - A linguistic approach to reading difficultyMerkl-Davies, Doris M.Brennan, NiamhMcLeay, Stuart
2014Rhetoric and Argument in Social and Environmental Reporting: the Dirty Laundry caseBrennan, NiamhMerkl-Davies, Doris M.
2017A theoretical framework of external accounting communication: Research perspectives, traditions, and theoriesMerkl-Davies, Doris M.Brennan, Niamh