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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jul-2020Authenticating deeds / organizing society: Considerations for Blockchain-based Land RegistriesMiscione, GianlucaRichter, ChristineZiolkowski, Rafael
15-Jun-2009A bigger picture: information systems and spatial data infrastructure research perspectivesGeorgiadou, YolaHarvey, FrancisMiscione, Gianluca
10-Jul-2015Bitcoin and the Blockchain: a coup d'état in Digital Heterotopia?Kavanagh, DonnchaMiscione, Gianluca
Jul-2019The Bitcoin Game: Ethno-resonance as MethodKavanagh, DonnchaMiscione, GianlucaEnnis, Paul J.
28-Feb-2019Blockchain as organizational technologyMiscione, Gianluca
2012Book Review: Cyberfactories – How News Agencies Produce News, by Barbara CzarniawskaMiscione, Gianluca
2011Book review: E-governance for Development: a Focus on Rural India, by Madon, S.Miscione, Gianluca
2-Feb-2016The 'Business' of Authentication - From Iron Cage to Silicon Enclosure?Miscione, Gianluca
2019Buyers of 'Lemons': How can a Blockchain Platform Address Buyers’ Needs in the Market for ‘Lemons’?Zavolokina, LiudmilaMiscione, GianlucaSchwabe, Gerhard
12-Aug-2019Carnival in the global village: Re-imagining information infrastructuresKavanagh, DonnchaMiscione, Gianluca
6-Jul-2019A claim upon what? Cryptocurrencies as 'scene'Miscione, Gianluca
Jul-2014DataGate Plots - Dramas of Institutional IdentificationMiscione, Gianluca
16-Jun-2020Decision Problems in Blockchain Systems: old wine in new bottles of walking in someone else shoes?Miscione, GianlucaZiolkowski, RafaelSchwabe, Gerhard
18-May-2015Digital Currencies as InfrastructuresMiscione, Gianluca
16-Dec-2020Exploring Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: Towards Shared Interests and ‘Code is Constitution’Ziolkowski, RafaelMiscione, GianlucaSchwabe, Gerhard
15-Jan-2019From authentication to ‘Hanseatic governance’: Blockchain as organizational technologyMiscione, GianlucaGoerke, TobiasKlein, Stefanet al.
12-Apr-2010Geospatial analysis of HIV-Related social stigma: A study of tested females across mandals of Andhra Pradesh in IndiaKandwal, RashmiAugustijn, Ellen-WienStein, AlfredMiscione, Gianlucaet al.
10-Nov-2011Global Visibility and Local Accountability - Making Sense Out Of (Human) SensorsMiscione, Gianluca
2000HAcK3rZ and Information WarfareMiscione, Gianluca
18-Dec-2019Hanseatic Governance: Understanding Blockchain as Organizational TechnologyMiscione, GianlucaKlein, StefanSchwabe, GerhardGoerke, TobiasZiolkowski, Rafael