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Nov-2016Assessing the relative importance of parameter and forcing uncertainty and their interactions in conceptual hydrological model simulationsMockler, Eva M.Chun, K. P.Sapriza-Azuri, G.Bruen, MichaelWheater, H. S.
May-2018Catchment Management Support Tools for Characterisation and Evaluation of Programme of MeasuresMockler, Eva M.Bruen, Michael
14-Jul-2016CCT: A simple prioritisation tool for identifying critical source areas for managing waterborne pollutantsPackham, I.Archbold, Marie A.Mockler, Eva M.Bruen, Michaelet al.
14-Jul-2016Development of a Nutrient Load Apportionment Modelling ToolboxMockler, Eva M.
3-Jun-2019Improving national mapping of critical source areas of phosphorus and nitrogen losses in Irish agricultural catchments to support policyThomas, IanBruen, MichaelMockler, Eva M.Kelly, EdelMurphy, Paulet al.
2016Linking changes in nutrient load source apportionment to estuarine responses: an Irish perspectiveNí Longphuirt, SorchaMockler, Eva M.O'Boyle, Shaneet al.
2016Nutrient Load Apportionment to Support the Identification of Appropriate Water Framework Directive MeasuresMockler, Eva M.Deakin, JennyArchbold, Marie A.Daly, DonalBruen, Michael
13-Apr-2016Progress in Implementation of the Water Framework Directive in IrelandDaly, DonalDeakin, JennyCraig, MatthewMockler, Eva al.
1-Dec-2017Sources of nitrogen and phosphorus emissions to Irish rivers and coastal waters: Estimates from a nutrient load apportionment frameworkMockler, Eva M.Deakin, JennyArchbold, Marie A.Gill, LaurenceDaly, DonalBruen, Michael
17-Nov-2015Understanding Hydrological Flow Paths in Conceptual Catchment Models To Improve Water Quality ModellingMockler, Eva M.O'Loughlin, FiachraBruen, Michael
May-2016Understanding hydrological flow paths in conceptual catchment models using uncertainty and sensitivity analysisMockler, Eva M.O'Loughlin, FiachraBruen, Michael
26-Apr-2017What are the main sources of nutrient inputs to Ireland's aquatic environment?Mockler, Eva M.Deakin, JennyDaly, DonalBruen, MichaelArchbold, Marie A.
2016What have we learned from over two decades of monitoring riverine nutrient inputs to Ireland's marine environment?O'Boyle, ShaneQuinn, RebeccaDunne, NoelleMockler, Eva M.Ní Longphuirt, Sorcha