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Mar-2007A comparison of SWAT, HSPF and SHETRAN/GOPC for modelling phosphorus export from three catchments in IrelandNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, MichaelJordan, PhillipMoles, RichardKiely, GerardByrne, Paul
2008Eutrophication from agricultural sourcesCarton, Owen T.Tunney, H.Daly, KarenRyan, MichaelKurz, I.Doody, DonnachaBourke, DavidKiely, GerardMorgan, G. (Gerard)Moles, RichardJordan, P.Ryan, D.Irvine, KennethJennings, EleanorMagette, W. L.Bruen, MichaelMulqueen, JohnRodgers, M. (Michael)Johnston, PaulBartley, Pamela
Aug-2003Modelling phosphorus loss from agricultural catchments : a comparison of the performance of SWAT, HSPF and SHETRAN for the Clarianna catchmentNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, MichaelParkin, GeoffBirkinshaw, SteveMoles, RichardByrne, Paul
Nov-2004Physically-based, distributed, catchment modelling for estimating sediment and phosphorus loads to rivers and lakes : issues of model complexity, spatial and temporal scales and data requirementsNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, MichaelJordan, PhillipMoles, RichardKiely, GerardByrne, Paul
Jul-2003The significance of the differences in soil phosphorus representation and transport procedures in the SWAT and HSPF models and a comparison of their performance in estimating phosphorus loss from an agriculture catchment in IrelandNasr, Ahmed ElssidigBruen, MichaelMoles, RichardByrne, PaulO'Regan, Bernadette