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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
20161916 then and now: reflections on the spatiality of the Rising's urban legaciesMoore-Cherry, NiamhÓ Corráin, Daithí
2016The Centennial Legacy: Equal opportunities to all its citizens?Bonnin, ChristineMoore-Cherry, NiamhZhang, ZhaoTraynor, Niall
2016Contextualising the urban legacies of the Easter 1916 Rising on Moore Street (Dublin): Destruction, reconstruction and the politics of planningMoore-Cherry, NiamhÓ Corráin, Daithí
1-Mar-2017A crisis of crisis management? Evaluating post-2010 housing restructuring in Nanjing, ChinaZhang, ZhaoMoore-Cherry, NiamhRedmond, Declan
Mar-2016Debating Temporary Uses for Vacant Urban Sites: Insights for Practice from a Stakeholder WorkshopMoore-Cherry, NiamhMcCarthy, Linda
Jun-2016Fair City? Planning challenges in post-crisis DublinMoore-Cherry, NiamhTomaney, John
13-Nov-2010The first semester of university life ; ‘will I be able to manage it at all?’Gibney, AmandaMoore-Cherry, NiamhMurphy, FeargalO'Sullivan, Sara
1-Jun-2009The First-Year Experience: Assessing Expectations and Enhancing RealityGibney, AmandaMoore-Cherry, NiamhMurphy, FeargalO'Sullivan, Sara
20-Aug-2015Inclusive partnerships: Enhancing undergraduate student engagement in geographyMoore-Cherry, NiamhHealy, RuthNicholson, Dawn T.Andrews, Will
May-2016Ireland’s National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) and the British property market: Disposing of crisisMoore-Cherry, Niamh
16-May-2011Mapping the journey towards self-authorship in GeographyMoore-Cherry, NiamhFournier, Eric J.Hardwick, Susan W.Healey, MickMacLachlan, JohnSeemann, Jörn
30-Sep-2019The Playful City: A tool to develop more more inclusive, safe and vibrant intergenerational urban communitiesMoore-Cherry, NiamhCopeland, AaronDenker, MarisaMurphy, NaomiNí Bhriain, Neasa
6-Feb-2019Project Ireland 2040: Business as usual or a new dawn?Moore-Cherry, Niamh
2015Re-thinking the post-crash city: vacant space, temporary use and new urban imaginaries?Moore-Cherry, Niamh
Jun-2013Research, development and innovation across the European territoriesMoore-Cherry, NiamhAncien, DelphineComerford-Morris, Ruth
16-Jul-2018Spatial planning, metropolitan governance and territorial politics in Europe: Dublin as a case of metro-phobia?Moore-Cherry, NiamhTomaney, John
3-May-2021Students as Partners in Peer Mentoring: Expectations, Experiences and EmotionsSeery, ChristinaAndres, AndreaMoore-Cherry, NiamhO'Sullivan, Sara
21-Sep-2010Teaching for better learning: a blended learning pilot project with first year geography undergraduatesMoore-Cherry, NiamhGilmartin, Mary
Oct-2014The Temporary City WorkshopMoore-Cherry, NiamhMcCarthy, Linda
Jun-2013The Territorial Dimensions of EducationMoore-Cherry, NiamhAncien, Delphine