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Oct-1989The Computational Metaphor and Cognitive PsychologyCasey, GerardMoran, Aidan P.
2015Defining elite athletes: issues in the study of expert performance in sport psychologySwann, ChristianMoran, Aidan P.Piggott, David
2016Doping in elite sport: linking behaviour, attitudes and psychological theoryKirby, KateGuerin, SuzanneMoran, Aidan P.Matthews, James
Jul-2013The effects of avoidant instructions on golf putting proficiency and kinematicsToner, JohnMoran, Aidan P.Jackson, Robin
1-Apr-2013An emerging paradigm: A strength-based approach to exploring mental imageryMacIntyre, TadhgMoran, Aidan P.Collet, ChristianGuillot, Aymeric
2-Oct-2012Functional equivalence or behavioural matching? A critical reflection on 15 years of research using the PETTLEP model of motor imageryWakefield, CarolineSmith, DaveMoran, Aidan P.Holmes, Paul
Sep-2012Imagining is not doing but involves specific motor commands: A review of experimental data related to motor inhibitionGuillot, AymericDi Rienzo, FranckMacIntyre, TadhgMoran, Aidan P.Collet, Christian
Jul-2014In praise of conscious awareness: a new framework for the investigation of 'continuous improvement' in expert athletesToner, JohnMoran, Aidan P.
Jun-2012Mental imagery, action observation and skill learningMoran, Aidan P.Campbell, MarkHolmes, PaulMacIntyre, Tadhg
18-Feb-2015Motor Imagery in Clinical Disorders: Importance and ImplicationsMoran, Aidan P.Bramham, JessicaCollet, Christianet al.
Jan-2016On the importance of critical thinking: a response to Wulf's (2015) commentaryToner, JohnMoran, Aidan P.
Dec-2015The perils of automaticityToner, JohnMontero, Barbara GailMoran, Aidan P.
2014The practice of applied sport, exercise, and performance psychology: Irish and international perspectivesCampbell, MarkMoran, Aidan P.
Aug-2014There is more to green reading than meets the eye! Exploring the gaze behaviours of expert golfers on a virtual golf putting taskCampbell, MarkMoran, Aidan P.
Aug-2012Thinking in action: Some insights from cognitive sport psychologyMoran, Aidan P.
9-Nov-2011Whatever happened to the third paradigm? Exploring mixed methods research designs in sport and exercise psychologyMoran, Aidan P.Matthews, JamesKirby, Kate