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27-Apr-20172D Non-separable Linear Canonical Transform (2D-NS-LCT) based cryptographyZhao, Liang; Muniraj, Inbarasan; Healy, John J.; Malallah, Ra'ed; Cui, Xiao-Guang; Ryle, James P.
14-Jun-2017The choice of optical system is critical for the security of double random phase encryption systemsMuniraj, Inbarasan; Guo, Changliang; Malallah, Ra'ed; Cassidy, Derek; Zhao, Liang; Ryle, James P.; Healy, John J.; Sheridan, John T.
27-Apr-2017Constraints to solve parallelogram grid problems in 2D non separable linear canonical transformZhao, Liang; Healy, John J.; Muniraj, Inbarasan; Cui, Xiao-Guang; Malallah, Ra'ed; Ryle, James P.; Sheridan, John T.
24-Apr-2017Sparsity based Terahertz reflective off-axis digital holographyWan, Min; Muniraj, Inbarasan; Malallah, Ra'ed; Zhao, Liang; Ryle, James P.; Rong, Lu; Healy, John J.; Wang, Dayong; Sheridan, John T.