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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Feb-2012Alternative mild route to the synthesis of 4-methylenecyclohex-2-enone, a key moiety of the anticancer compounds ottelione A and BLestini, ElenaRobertson, KeithMurphy, Cormac D.Paradisi, Francesca
2007Bacterial defluorination of 4-fluoroglutamic acidDonnelly, ClárMurphy, Cormac D.
Nov-2011Bacterial production of hydroxylated and amidated metabolites of flurbiprofenBright, Tara V.Clark, Benjamin R.O'Brien, EimearMurphy, Cormac D.
7-Oct-2016Biocatalytic stereoinversion of D-para-bromophenylalanine in a one-pot three-enzyme reactionKhorsand, FahimehMurphy, Cormac D.Whitehead, Andrew J.Engel, Paul C.
Jul-2011Biodegradation of polyfluorinated biphenyl in bacteriaHughes, DavidClark, Benjamin R.Murphy, Cormac D.
31-Oct-2008Biosynthesis of pyrrolylpolyenes in Auxarthron umbrinumClark, Benjamin R.Murphy, Cormac D.
2009Biosynthesis of pyrrolylpolyenes in Auxarthron umbrinumClark, Benjamin R.Murphy, Cormac D.
2010Biotransformation of fluorobiphenyl by Cunninghamella elegansAmadio, JessicaMurphy, Cormac D.
19-Aug-2016Biotransformation of fluorophenyl pyridine carboxylic acids by the model fungus Cunninghamella elegansPalmer-Brown, WilliamDunne, BrianOrtin, YannickMurphy, Cormac al.
Sep-2010Biotransformation of flurbiprofen by Cunninghamella speciesAmadio, JessicaGordon, KatherineMurphy, Cormac D.
Mar-2014Characterisitics of Streptomyces griseus biofilms in continuous flow tubular reactorsWinn, MichaelHabimana, OlivierCasey, EoinMurphy, Cormac D.
2015Comparison of biomass detachment from two different Pseudomonas spp. biofilms under constant shear conditionsGazzola, GiulioHabimana, OlivierMurphy, Cormac D.Casey, Eoin
May-2009Comparison of planktonic and biofilm cultures of Pseudomonas fluorescens DSM 8341 cells grown on fluoroacetateHeffernan, BarryMurphy, Cormac D.Casey, Eoin
2013A convenient chemical-microbial method for developing fluorinated pharmaceuticalsBright, Tara V.Dalton, FayElder, Victoria L.Murphy, Cormac D.O'Connor, Neil K.Sandford, Graham
1-Feb-2018Development of a bacterial propionate-biosensor for anaerobic digestion monitoringSweeney, Joseph B.Murphy, Cormac D.McDonnell, Kevin
Jan-2015Drug metabolism in microorganismsMurphy, Cormac D.
1-May-2016Evaluation of fluorinated biphenyl ether pro-drug scaffolds employing the chemical-microbial approachHampton, Alex S.Mikulski, LenaPalmer-Brown, WilliamMurphy, Cormac D.Sandford, Graham
Feb-2016Exploiting the genome sequence of Streptomyces nodosus for enhanced antibiotic productionSweeney, PaulMurphy, Cormac D.Caffrey, Patrick
May-2011Factors influencing 4-fluorobenzoate degradation in biofilm cultures of Pseudomonas knackmussii B13Misiak, KatarzynaCasey, EoinMurphy, Cormac D.
Jul-2013Filamentous fungal biofilm for production of human drug metabolitesAmadio, JessicaCasey, EoinMurphy, Cormac D.