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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2013Arbitrary crack propagation in multi-phase materials using the finite volume methodCarolan, DeclanTuković, ŽeljkoMurphy, Nealet al.
Sep-2011Characterisation of the fracture energy and toughening mechanisms of a nano-toughened epoxy adhesiveMcAuliffe, DavidKarac, AleksandarMurphy, Nealet al.
Feb-2013A combined experimental–numerical investigation of fracture of polycrystalline cubic boron nitrideCarolan, DeclanIvankovic, AlojzMurphy, Neal
2012Determination of the cohesive strength and toughening mechanisms of a nano-modified adhesive under a triaxial stress stateMcAuliffe, DavidKarac, AleksandarMurphy, Nealet al.
Nov-2006Dynamic crack bifurcation in PMMAMurphy, NealAli, M.Ivankovic, Alojz
2009The Effect of Prepeg Storage Humidity on Co-cured Composite JointsMohan, JosephMurphy, NealIvankovic, Alojz
Feb-2013Effect of prepreg storage humidity on the mixed-mode fracture toughness of a co-cured composite jointMohan, JosephIvankovic, AlojzMurphy, Neal
20-Oct-2004Evolution of dynamic fractures in PMMA : experimental and numerical investigationsIvankovic, AlojzMurphy, NealHillmansen, S.
2011An Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Mixed-mode Fracture Toughness and Lap Shear Strength of Aerospace Grade Composite JointsMohan, JosephKarac, AleksandarMurphy, Nealet al.
Sep-2011High rate and high temperature fracture behaviour of polycrystalline diamondPetrović, MarinIvankovic, AlojzMurphy, Neal
Sep-2014Impact fatigue fracture of polycrystalline diamond compact (PDC) cutters and the effect of microstructureKanyanta, ValentineDormer, Aaron S.Murphy, Nealet al.
2007Influence of an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Surface Treatment on the Interfacial Fracture Toughness on Bonded Composite JointsMohan, JosephCarolan, DeclanMurphy, Nealet al.
2010The Influence of Plasma Surface Treatment on the Fracture Toughness Peel Ply Prepared Bonded Composite JointsMohan, JosephRamamoorthy, AmsaraniMurphy, Nealet al.
Sep-2012The mechanical properties of polycrystalline diamond as a function of strain rate and temperaturePetrović, MarinIvankovic, AlojzMurphy, Neal
2011Micro-mechanical modeling of nano-toughened adhesivesLeonard, M.Ivankovic, AlojzMurphy, Nealet al.
2011Micro-Mechanical Modelling of Void Growth, Damage and Fracture of Nano-Phase Structural Adhesives Using the Finite Volume MethodLeonard, M.Murphy, NealKarac, Aleksandaret al.
2015Mixed mode fracture in fibre reinforced polymer compositesConroy, Mark
Jun-2014Mode I fracture toughness of co-cured and secondary bonded composite jointsMohan, JosephIvankovic, AlojzMurphy, Neal
Nov-2012A numerical investigation of spherical void growth in an elastic–plastic continuumLeonard, M.Murphy, NealKarac, Aleksandaret al.
Apr-2005The prediction of dynamic fracture evolution in PMMA using a cohesive zone modelMurphy, NealIvankovic, Alojz