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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2006Analysis of Irish third-level college applications dataGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
2014Bayesian Nonparametric Plackett-Luce Models for the Analysis of Preferences for College Degree ProgrammesCaron, Fran├žoisWhye Teh, YeeMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Jan-2016Bayesian variable selection for latent class analysis using a collapsed Gibbs samplerWhite, ArthurWyse, JasonMurphy, Thomas Brendan
25-Nov-2014BayesLCA : An R Package for Bayesian Latent Class AnalysisWhite, ArthurMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Jan-2010Clustering ranked preference data using sociodemographic covariatesGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Jan-2016Clustering with the multivariate normal inverse Gaussian distributionO'Hagan, AdrianMurphy, Thomas BrendanGormley, Isobel Claireet al.
Dec-2012Computational Aspects of Fitting Mixture Models via the Expectation-Maximization AlgorithmO'Hagan, AdrianMurphy, Thomas BrendanGormley, Isobel Claire
15-Nov-2013Evaluation of prediction models for the staging of prostate cancerBoyce, SusieFan, YueWatson, R. WilliamMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Sep-2008Exploring Voting Blocs Within the Irish Electorate: A Mixture Modeling ApproachGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Dec-2016Exponential family mixed membership models for soft clustering of multivariate dataWhite, ArthurMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Dec-2015A finite mixture latent trajectory model for modeling ultrarunners' behavior in a 24-hour raceBartolucci, FrancescoMurphy, Thomas Brendan
May-2019Generalized Random Dot Product graphNg, Tin Lok JamesMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Jun-2009A grade of membership model for rank dataGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
28-May-2019Investigation of parameter uncertainty in clustering using a Gaussian mixture model via jackknife, bootstrap and weighted likelihood bootstrapO'Hagan, AdrianMurphy, Thomas BrendanScrucca, LucaGormley, Isobel Claire
17-Nov-2014Joint Modelling of Multiple Network ViewsGollini, IsabellaMurphy, Thomas Brendan
1-Aug-2016mclust 5: Clustering, Classification and Density Estimation Using Gaussian Finite Mixture ModelsScrucca, LucaFop, MichaelMurphy, Thomas BrendanRaftery, Adrian E.
Dec-2014Mixed membership models for rank data: Investigating structure in Irish voting dataGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Mar-2016Mixed-Membership of Experts Stochastic BlockmodelWhite, ArthurMurphy, Thomas Brendan
May-2010A Mixture of Experts Latent Position Cluster Model for Social Network DataGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan
Dec-2008A mixture of experts model for rank data with applications in election studiesGormley, Isobel ClaireMurphy, Thomas Brendan