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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Sep-2012Applying Genetic Regulatory Networks to Index TradingNicolau, MiguelO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
30-Jun-2004Automatic Grammar Complexity Reduction in Grammatical EvolutionNicolau, Miguel
30-Jun-2004Crossover, Population Dynamics and Convergence in the GAuGE SystemNicolau, MiguelRyan, Conor
28-May-2015Deep Evolution of Feature Representations for Handwritten Digit RecognitionAgapitos, AlexandrosO'Neill, MichaelNicolau, MiguelFagan, DavidKattan, AhmedCurran, Kathleen M.
6-Jul-2016Designing a Massive Dataset Framework for the Grammatical Evolution SystemNicolau, Miguel
14-Apr-2011Dynamic ant : introducing a new benchmark for genetic programming in dynamic environmentsFagan, DavidNicolau, MiguelHemberg, ErikO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
2011Dynamic environments can speed up evolution with genetic programmingO'Neill, MichaelNicolau, MiguelBrabazon, Anthony
25-Apr-2014Dynamic Index Trading using a Gene Regulatory Network ModelNicolau, MiguelO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
7-Apr-2004Efficient Crossover in the GAuGE SystemNicolau, MiguelRyan, Conor
12-Sep-2018Evolving Behaviour Tree Structures Using Grammatical EvolutionNicolau, MiguelPerez-Liebana, Diego
27-Apr-2011Evolving behaviour trees for the Mario AI competition using grammatical evolutionPerez, DiegoNicolau, MiguelO'Neill, MichaelBrabazon, Anthony
13-Apr-2012Evolving Interpolating Models of Net Ecosystem CO2 Exchange Using Grammatical EvolutionNicolau, MiguelSaunders, MatthewO'Neill, MichaelOsborne, Bruce A.Brabazon, Anthony
6-Jun-2008Evolving Scale-Free Topologies using a Gene Regulatory Network ModelNicolau, MiguelSchoenauer, Marc
27-Apr-2011Exploring grammatical modification with modules in grammatical evolutionSwafford, John MarkO'Neill, MichaelNicolau, MiguelBrabazon, Anthony
Oct-2002A Fortran Parsing Tool to Extract Parallelising InformationNicolau, Miguel
30-Oct-2003Functional Dependency and Degeneracy: Detailed Analysis of the GAuGE SystemNicolau, MiguelAuger, AnneRyan, Conor
30-Jun-2004A GAuGE Approach to Learning DFA from Noisy SamplesNicolau, MiguelRyan, ConorRyan, Eoin
Sep-2006Genetic Algorithms using Grammatical EvolutionNicolau, Miguel
5-Apr-2002Genetic Algorithms Using Grammatical EvolutionRyan, ConorNicolau, MiguelO'Neill, Michael
21-Jul-2006Genetic Operators and Sequencing in the GAuGE SystemNicolau, MiguelRyan, Conor