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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-1998Are married women more deprived than their husbands?Cantillon, SaraNolan, Brian
Feb-1996Are married women more deprived than their husbands?Cantillon, SaraNolan, Brian
Jun-1997Collecting and using survey information on household assets : some lessons from Irish experienceNolan, Brian
Apr-2006A comparison of GP visiting in Northern Ireland and the Republic of IrelandMcGregor, PatrickNolan, AnneNolan, BrianO'Neill, Ciaran
Jun-1999Competitive and segmented labour markets and exclusion from retirement incomeHughes, GerardNolan, Brian
Nov-2003A cross-sectional analysis of the utilisation of GP services in Ireland : 1987- 2001Nolan, AnneNolan, Brian
Nov-2003Disability and labour market participationGannon, BrendaNolan, Brian
Jun-1999The distribution of income and relative income poverty in the European Community Household PanelNolan, BrianMaitre, Bertrand
Apr-1986The distribution of social security transfers in the UKNolan, Brian
Jun-1997The earnings distribution and returns to education in Ireland, 1987-1994Barrett, AlanCallan, TimNolan, Brian
Mar-2010Earnings inequality, institutions and the macroeconomy – what can we learn from Ireland’s boom years?Maitre, BertrandNolan, BrianVoitchovsky, Sarah
Jun-2000Earnings inequality, returns to education and immigration into IrelandBarrett, AlanFitz Gerald, JohnNolan, Brian
2018Economic Stress and the Great Recession in Ireland: The Erosion of Social Class DisadvantageWhelan, Christopher T.Nolan, BrianMaitre, Bertrand
9-Nov-2016Economic stress and the great recession in Ireland:- the erosion of social class advantageWhelan, Christopher T.Nolan, BrianMaitre, Bertrand
2004Equity in the utilisation of health care in IrelandLayte, RichardNolan, Brian
Nov-2003Equity in the utilization of health care in IrelandLayte, RichardNolan, Brian
2002Evaluating the impact of a national minimum wage : evidence from a new survey of firmsNolan, BrianO'Neill, Donal
Dec-2004GP reimbursement and visiting behaviour in IrelandMadden, David (David Patrick)Nolan, BrianNolan, Anne
26-Jan-2016The Great Recession and the Changing Distribution of Economic Stress across Income Classes and the Life Course in Ireland: A Comparative PerspectiveWhelan, Christopher T.Nolan, BrianMaitre, Bertrand
Nov-2004Health insurance in Ireland : issues and challengesNolan, Brian