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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jul-2015Asset Price Keynesianism, Regional Imbalances and the Irish and Spanish Housing Booms and BustsNorris, MichelleByrne, M. (Michael)
Jul-2015Asset Price Keynesianism, Regional Imbalances and the Irish and Spanish Housing Booms and BustsNorris, MichelleByrne, M. (Michael)
Jul-2007Breaching the Limits of Owner Occupation? Supporting Low-Income Buyers in the Inflated Irish Housing MarketNorris, MichelleCoates, DermotKane, Fiona
Jun-2011Combating social disadvantage in social housing estates: the policy implications of a ten year follow up studyFahey, TonyNorris, MichelleMcCafferty, DesmondHumphreys, Eileen
20-Oct-2018Financing the Golden Age of Irish Social Housing, 1932-1956 (and the dark ages which followed)Norris, Michelle
2011From asset based welfare to welfare housing? The changing function of social housing in IrelandNorris, MichelleFahey, Tony
21-Jan-2020Funding incentives, disincentives and vulnerabilities in the Irish council housing sectorNorris, MichelleHayden, Aideen
26-Jun-2018The Future of Council Housing An analysis of the financial sustainability of local authority provided social housingNorris, MichelleHayden, Aideen
Aug-2003HousingNorris, Michelle
2007Housing affordability in the Republic of Ireland: Is planning part part of the problem or part of the solution?Norris, MichelleShiels, Patrick
26-Feb-2017Housing Market Volatility,Stability and Social Rented Housing: comparing Austria and Ireland during the global financial crisisNorris, MichelleByrne, M. (Michael)
2003Housing Policy Review, 1990-2002Norris, MichelleWinston, Nessa
Mar-2011Housing wealth, debt and stress before, during and after the Celtic TigerNorris, MichelleWinston, Nessa
Jun-2014How housing killed the Celtic tiger: anatomy and consequences of Ireland's housing boom and bustNorris, MichelleCoates, Dermot
7-Jun-2006Irish Housing in the European ContextNorris, Michelle
12-Jun-2019Lecture 4: Unmaking Home: Making Homes for Shelter or for Investment?Norris, Michelle
Sep-2014Policy Drivers of the Retreat and Revival of Private Renting: Regulation, Finance, Taxes and SubsidiesNorris, Michelle
1-Sep-2021The Political Economy of Housing in IrelandNorris, MichelleByrne, M. (Michael)
10-Dec-2010Private sector provision of social housing: an assessment of recent Irish experimentsNorris, MichelleCoates, Dermot
Feb-2016Privatising Public Housing Redevelopment: grassroots resistance, co-operation and devastation in three Dublin neighbourhoodsNorris, MichelleHearne, Rory