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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-1983The common agricultural policy, smuggling and the two percent levy of 1979Norton, Desmond
Apr-2002Distress and benevolence on Gertrude Fitzgerald’s Limerick estate in the 1840sNorton, Desmond
Jun-1988Employment relationships in Irish counties, 1881-1971Norton, Desmond
Apr-2002The Limerick Estate of Sergeant Warren during the Great Irish FamineNorton, Desmond
Mar-1991On demand and supply side policies in an open economy, 1960-2000Norton, Desmond
1991On Ireland's national lotteryNorton, Desmond
Sep-2001On Lord Palmerston and the Irish famine emigration by Tyler AnbinderNorton, Desmond
Jan-1985On the economic theory of smugglingNorton, Desmond
Mar-2002On the Sherlocks, Jane Coleman and County Kildare in the Eighteen FortiesNorton, Desmond
Mar-2002Progress and distress on the Stratford Estate in Clare during the eighteen fortiesNorton, Desmond
Jan-1988Resource depletion and terms of trade collapse : "The zambian disease"Norton, Desmond
Mar-2002Sexual intemperance and money on an Irish estate in the Eighteen FortiesNorton, Desmond
Jun-1984Smuggling under the CAP : Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, 1974-1982Norton, Desmond
Feb-2002Stewart and Kincaid, Irish Land Agents in the 1840sNorton, Desmond
Sep-2001Stratford’s Robertstown Estate during the 1840sNorton, Desmond
Mar-1991Survey of British economic policy from 1920 to the 1980s : part 1 : from 1920 to circa 1949Norton, Desmond
May-1991Survey of British economic policy from 1920 to the 1980s : part 2 : from 1949 to the 1980sNorton, Desmond
Aug-1984Towards public policy for private sector servicesNorton, Desmond
Mar-2002Violence, rent, improvement and distress on the Frankfort Estates in Kilkenny during the eighteen fortiesNorton, Desmond
Sep-2001Viscount Frankfort, Sir Charles Burton and County Carlow in the 1840sNorton, Desmond