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14-Mar-2019Achievement in national scholastic examinations and its link with measured cognitive ability among a representative Irish sampleO'Connell, Michael F.
Aug-2008Achievement-related attitudes and the fate of 'at-risk' groups in societyO'Connell, Michael F.Sheikh, Hammad
Sep-2010Affluence versus Equality? A critique of Wilkinson and Pickett’s book ‘The Spirit Level’O'Connell, Michael F.
Jul-2003Anti 'social capital': civic values versus economic equality in the EUO'Connell, Michael F.
Sep-2019Are disparities in the educational performance of children from different family backgrounds associated with level of country development?O'Connell, Michael F.
29-Apr-2015Changes in Roman Catholic Beliefs and Practices in Ireland between 1981 and 2008 and the Emergence of the Liberal CatholicÓ Féich, PádraigO'Connell, Michael F.
Mar-2005Economic forces and anti-immigrant attitudes in Western Europe : a paradox in search of an explanationO'Connell, Michael F.
Jun-2004Fairly satisfied : economic equality, wealth and satisfactionO'Connell, Michael F.
Dec-2009Psychological, economic and academic predictors of the intention to leave school early among a sample of Irish studentsFreeney, YseultO'Connell, Michael F.
Oct-2016Video games as virtual teachers: Prosocial video game use by children and adolescents from different socioeconomic groups is associated with increased empathy and prosocial behaviourHarrington, BrianO'Connell, Michael F.
Jun-2010Wait for it : delay-discounting and academic performance among an Irish adolescent sampleFreeney, YseultO'Connell, Michael F.