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15-Dec-2018Acute hypoxic exposure and prolyl-hydroxylase inhibition improves synaptic transmission recovery time from a subsequent hypoxic insult in rat hippocampusO'Connor, J. J.Lanigan, SineadCorcoran, AlanMukandala, GatambwaWall, Audrey M.
Feb-2014Automated analysis of intracellular calcium fluorescence in rat organotypic hippocampal cultures: comparison to a manual, observer based method.Watters, OrlaPickering, MarkMurphy, RobertMurphy, Keith J.O'Connor, J. J.
12-Sep-2017A brain-derived neurotrophic factor mimetic is sufficient to restore cone photoreceptor visual function in an inherited blindness modelDaly, ConorShine, LisaHeffernan, TheresaDeeti, SudhakarReynolds, AlisonO'Connor, J. J.Dillon, Eugène T.Duffy, David J.Kolch, WalterCagney, GerardKennedy, Breandán
Jul-2012A comparison of the effects of the dopamine partial agonists aripiprazole and (−)-3-PPP with quinpirole on stimulated dopamine release in the rat striatum: Studies using fast cyclic voltammetry in vitroO'Connor, J. J.Lowry, John P.
12-Aug-2014CX3CL1 is up-regulated in the rat hippocampus during memory-associated synaptic plasticitySheridan, Graham K.Wdowicz, AnitaPickering, MarkWatters, OrlaHalley, Paul G.O'Sullivan, Niamh C.Mooney, ClaireO'Connell, David J.O'Connor, J. J.Murphy, Keith J.
2015The effect of nicotine induced behavioral sensitization on dopamine D1 receptor pharmacology: An in vivo and ex vivo study in the ratGoutier, W.O'Connor, J. J.Lowry, John P.McCreary, Andrew C.
15-Apr-2018Effects of a combination of 3,4-methylenedioxymeth amphetamine and caffeine on real time stimulated dopamine release in the rat striatum: Studies using fast cyclic voltammetryO'Connor, J. J.O'Boyle, K. M.Lowry, John P.
17-Feb-2016The Effects of Hypoxia and Inflammation on Synaptic Function in the CNSMukandala, GatambwaTynan, RonanLanigan, SineadO'Connor, J. J.
Feb-2014Effects of prolyl-hydroxylase inhibition and chronic intermittent hypoxia on synaptic transmission and plasticity in the rat CA1 and dentate gyrusWall, Audrey M.Corcoran, AlanO'Halloran, Ken D.O'Connor, J. J.
Mar-2016Frequency-dependent modulation of dopamine release by nicotine and dopamine D1 ligands: an in vitro fast cyclic voltammetry study in rat striatumGoutier, W.Lowry, John P.McCreary, Andrew C.O'Connor, J. J.
2-Jun-2010Hydroxylase inhibition reduces synaptic transmission and protects against a glutamate-induced ischemia in the CA1 region of the rat hippocampusBatti, LauraTaylor, Cormac T.O'Connor, J. J.
15-Jan-2018The hypoxia mimetic protocatechuic acid ethyl ester inhibits synaptic signaling and plasticity in the rat hippocampusLanigan, SineadO'Connor, J. J.
14-Jun-2013Hypoxia-inducible factor signaling mechanisms in the central nervous systemCorcoran, AlanO'Connor, J. J.
Sep-2015Neuroimmunology and synaptic functionO'Connor, J. J.
5-Jan-2013Opioid mediated activity and expression of mu and delta opioid receptors in isolated human term non-laboring myometriumFanning, Rebecca A.McMorrow, Jason P.Campion, Deirdre P.Carey, Michael F.O'Connor, J. J.
May-2011Preconditioning effects of tumor necrosis factor-α and glutamate on calcium dynamics in rat organotypic hippocampal culturesWatters, OrlaPickering, MarkO'Connor, J. J.
Feb-2017A role for adrenergic receptors in the uterotonic effects of ergometrine in isolated human term non-laboring myometriumFanning, Rebecca A.Sheehan, FlorikeLeyden, ClaireDuffy, NiamhIglesias-Martinez, Luis F.Carey, Michael F.Campion, Deirdre P.O'Connor, J. J.
Oct-2013A role for prolyl hydroxylase domain proteins in hippocampal synaptic plasticityCorcoran, AlanKunze, ReinerHarney, Sarah C.O'Connor, J. al.
2-Aug-2011A role for tumor necrosis factor-alpha in ischemia and ischemic preconditioningWatters, OrlaO'Connor, J. J.
Jan-2013Targeting tumour necrosis factor-α in hypoxia and synaptic signallingO'Connor, J. J.