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19-Sep-2017Bi-directional efects of vitamin B12 and methotrexate on Daphnia magna ftness and genomic methylationKusari, FitoreO'Doherty, AlanHodges, Nikolas J.Wojewodzic, Marcin W.
27-Mar-2013Chito-Oligosaccharide Inhibits the De-Methylation of a CpG Island within the Leptin (LEP) Promoter during Adipogenesis of 3T3-L1 CellsBahar, BojlulO'Doherty, John V.O'Doherty, AlanSweeney, Torres
10-Mar-2015DNA methylation dynamics at imprinted genes during bovine pre-implantation embryo developmentO'Doherty, AlanMagee, David A.O'Shea, Lynee C.Forde, NiamhBeltman, Marijke EileenMamo, SolomonFair, Trudee
Sep-2014Epigenetic processes in the male germlineO'Doherty, AlanMcGettigan, Paul A.
8-Dec-2016Exposure of bovine oocytes and embryos to elevated non-esterified fatty acid concentrations: integration of epigenetic and transcriptomic signatures in resultant blastocystsDesmet, KarolienVan Hoeck, V.Gagné, E.O'Doherty, Alanet al.
Apr-2015Genomic imprinting effects on complex traits in domesticated animal speciesO'Doherty, AlanMacHugh, David E.Spillane, CharlesMagee, David A.
9-Jun-2014An integrated platform for bovine DNA methylome analysis suitable for small samplesShojaei Saadi, Habib A.O'Doherty, AlanGagné, Dominicet al.
Nov-2010Investigating the acquisition of DNA methylation at maternally imprinted genes during bovine oocyte growthO'Doherty, AlanFair, Trudee
15-Apr-2016Lipopolysaccharide (LPS) disrupts particle transport, cilia function and sperm motility in an ex vivooviduct modelO'Doherty, AlanDi Fenza, M.
Feb-2007Sex-specific promoters regulate Dnmt3L expression in mouse germ cellsShovlin, T. C.Bourc'his, D.La Salle, S.O'Doherty, Alanet al.