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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2016The aims of imprisonmentO'Donnell, Ian
Jun-2012Conclusion: Explaining coercive confinement in Ireland: Why was the past such a different place?O'Sullivan, EoinO'Donnell, Ian
1-Dec-2016Confusingly compliant with the ECHR: The Release of Life Sentence Prisoners in IrelandGriffin, DiarmuidO'Donnell, Ian
Apr-2017Crime and PunishmentFinnane, MarkO'Donnell, Ian
Jan-2011Crime and punishment in the Republic of Ireland: A country profileO'Donnell, Ian
Nov-2017Criminals, Data Protection and the Right to a Second ChanceMcIntyre, T.J.O'Donnell, Ian
27-Jan-2011Criminology, Bureaucracy and Unfinished BusinessO'Donnell, Ian
Mar-2012The Death Penalty in Post-Independence IrelandDoyle, DavidO'Donnell, Ian
Dec-2014A family affair? English Hangmen and a Dublin jail, 1923-54O'Donnell, IanDoyle, David
Jan-2007Frontal lobes and older sex offenders: a preliminary investigationFazel, SeenaO'Donnell, IanHope, Tonyet al.
Apr-2010Gallous stories or dirty deeds? Representing parricide in J.M. Synge's The Playboy of the Western WorldBeirne, PiersO'Donnell, Ian
Feb-2011Going home for Christmas: Prisoners, a taste of freedom and the pressO'Donnell, IanJewkes, Yvonne
Dec-2018An Interfering Judge, a Biddable Executive, and an Unbroken NeckO'Donnell, Ian
Jul-2017Ireland's shrinking prison populationO'Donnell, Ian
Dec-2010Killing in Ireland at the turn of the centuries: contexts, consequences and civilizing processesO'Donnell, Ian
Jan-2012The Life Sentence and ParoleGriffin, DiarmuidO'Donnell, Ian
Jul-2013Making progress with penal reformO'Donnell, Ian
Oct-2013Penal policy in Ireland: The malign effect of sustained neglectO'Donnell, Ian
Nov-2016Prisoner coping and adaptationO'Donnell, Ian
5-Mar-2008Prisoners, PoliticsĀ and the Polls Enfranchisement and the Burden of ResponsibilityBehan, CormacO'Donnell, Ian