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13-Jul-2016DAPP: A Delay-Aware Packet Prioritisation Scheme for VoIP in Wireless Multi-hop NetworksOlariu, CristianHava, Adriana
6-Apr-2016A Delay-aware Packet Prioritisation Mechanism for Voice over IP in Wireless Mesh NetworksOlariu, CristianFitzpatrick, JohnGhamri-Doudane, YacineMurphy, Liam, B.E.
28-Mar-2013Enabling IPTV service assurance using OpenFlowMcDonagh, PatrickOlariu, CristianHava, AdrianaThorpe, Christina
15-May-2015Experience of developing an openflow SDN prototype for managing IPTV networksThorpe, ChristinaOlariu, CristianHava, AdrianaMcDonagh, Patrick
25-Jun-2015Impact of non-deterministic software execution times in SmartGrid applicationsSmith, DavidOlariu, CristianPerry, PhilipMurphy, John
Jul-2015Integration of QoS Metrics, Rules and Semantic Uplift for Advanced IPTV Monitoringde Fréin, RuairíOlariu, CristianSong, YuqianMcDonagh, PatrickHava, AdrianaThorpe, ChristinaMurphy, JohnMurphy, Liam, al.
1-Apr-2012Prototyping telematic services in a wireless vehicular mesh network environmentOlariu, CristianHava, AdrianaSzczechowiak, PiotrGhamri-Doudane, Yacine
11-Sep-2013Provisioning call quality and capacity for femtocells over wireless mesh backhaulOlariu, CristianFitzpatrick, JohnGhamri-Doudane, YacineMurphy, Liam, B.E.
17-Jan-2012A QoS based call admission control and resource allocation mechanism for LTE femtocell deploymentOlariu, CristianFitzpatrick, JohnPerry, PhilipMurphy, Liam, B.E.
27-May-2011VoIP Quality Monitoring in LTE FemtocellsOlariu, CristianÓ Foghlú, MícheálPerry, PhilipMurphy, Liam, B.E.