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24-Aug-2018Advancing ISD Education Research with Bioecological Systems TheoryO Riordan, NiamhWarren, Simon
13-Jun-2014Autoethnography: Proposing a New Research Method for Information Systems ResearchO Riordan, Niamh
10-Dec-2014Business model innovation: a temporal perspectiveO Riordan, NiamhO'Reilly, PhilipDuane, AidanAndreev, Pavel
16-Dec-2012A Clockwork Organisation: Proposing a New Theory of Organisational TemporalityO Riordan, NiamhConboy, KieranActon, Thomas
13-Jun-2012Decision-Making In Agile Software Development Teams: Solving the Optimal Timing ProblemO Riordan, NiamhActon, ThomasConboy, KieranGolden, Willie
15-Sep-2015Designing the Future Perfect: Developing a temporal understanding of the intentionality and generativity of organisational practicesO Riordan, Niamh
15-Jun-2016Designing the Future Perfect: Reorganising is Research Around the Axis of IntentionO Riordan, Niamh
8-Jun-2013Harnessing the innovative potential of knowledge in the digital enterpriseO Riordan, NiamhO’Reilly, PhilipAdam, Frédéric
18-Dec-2013How soon is now? Theorising temporality in Information Systems researchO Riordan, NiamhConboy, KieranActon, Thomas
10-Dec-2014In search of lost time: investigating the temporality of student engagement, the role of learning technologies, and implications for student performanceO Riordan, Niamh
10-Jun-2012Innovation Co-Creation In A Virtual WorldO Riordan, NiamhAdam, FrédéricO'Reilly, Philip
Nov-2011An investigation of innovation and knowledge creation in virtual worldsO Riordan, Niamh
19-Dec-2012It's About Time: Investigating The Temporal Parameters Of Decision-Making In Agile TeamsO Riordan, NiamhActon, ThomasConboy, KieranGolden, Willie
18-Dec-2013Knowledge Creation: Hidden Driver of Innovation in the Digital EraO Riordan, Niamh
10-Dec-2014Mind the gaps: increasing the impact of IS research on ISD performance improvementO Riordan, NiamhLohan, GarryConboy, Kieran
2015Mind the Gaps: increasing the impact of IS research on ISD performance improvementO Riordan, NiamhLohan, GarryConboy, Kieran
13-Jun-2012The Road Less Travelled: A New Perspective On Sustained Competitive Advantage Through Knowledge CreationO Riordan, NiamhAdam, FrédéricO'Reilly, Philip
Apr-2011Virtual Worlds: S(t)imulating Creativity in Decision MakingO Riordan, NiamhO'Reilly, Philip
11-Jun-2014Where The Streets Have No Name: Exploration and exploitation in novel digital settingsO Riordan, NiamhAdam, FrédéricO'Reilly, Philip