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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1995Around the European periphery 1870-1913 : globalization, schooling and growthO'Rourke, Kevin H.Williamson, Jeffrey G.
Jan-1995A computable general equilibrium model of the Irish economy : technical appendixDenny, KevinHannan, AoifeO'Rourke, Kevin H.
Jun-1993Did labor flow uphill? : international migration and wage rates in twentieth century IrelandO'Rourke, Kevin H.
Dec-1993The economic impact of the famine in the short and long runO'Rourke, Kevin H.
Nov-1995Economic integration and convergence : an historical perspectiveO'Rourke, Kevin H.
Nov-1994Emigration and living standards in Ireland since the FamineO'Rourke, Kevin H.
Jan-1995Harmonising Irish tax rates : a computable general equilibrium approachDenny, KevinHannan, AoifeO'Rourke, Kevin H.
Oct-1993The impact of emigration on real wages in Ireland 1850-1914O'Rourke, Kevin H.Boyer, George R.Hatton, T. J.
Dec-2016Independent Ireland In Comparative PerspectiveO'Rourke, Kevin H.
Oct-1993Industrial policy, employment policy and the non-traded sectorO'Rourke, Kevin H.
1995Irish economic growthO'Rourke, Kevin H.Ó Gráda, Cormac
1996Irish economic growth since 1945O'Rourke, Kevin H.Ó Gráda, Cormac
Oct-1993Irish economic growth, 1945-1988Ó Gráda, CormacO'Rourke, Kevin H.
Apr-2021The Irish Economy During the Century After PartitionÓ Gráda, CormacO'Rourke, Kevin H.
2000Irish inflation : appropriate policy responsesThom, RodneyO'Rourke, Kevin H.
May-1993Land, labor and the wage-rental ratio : factor price convergence in the late nineteenth centuryO'Rourke, Kevin H.Taylor, Alan M.Williamson, Jeffrey G.
2000Living standards and growthO'Rourke, Kevin H.Ó Gráda, Cormac
Oct-1993Mass migration, commodity market integration and real wage convergence : the late nineteenth century Atlantic economyO'Rourke, Kevin H.Williamson, Jeffrey G.Hatton, T. J.
Nov-1994Measuring protection : a cautionary taleO'Rourke, Kevin H.
Apr-1997Migration as disaster relief : lessons from the Great Irish FamineÓ Gráda, CormacO'Rourke, Kevin H.