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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Automorphic properties of generating functions for generalized rank moments and Durfee symbolsBringmann, KathrinLovejoy, JeremyOsburn, Robert
May-2013The Bailey chain and mock theta functionsLovejoy, JeremyOsburn, Robert
Dec-2007Congruences for Traces of Singular ModuliOsburn, Robert
2011Congruences via modular formsOsburn, RobertSahu, Brundaban
2002Densities of 4-ranks of K_2(O)Osburn, Robert
Jun-2016The first positive rank and crank moments for overpartitionsAndrews, GeorgeChan, Song HengKim, ByungchanOsburn, Robert
2009Gaussian hypergeometric series and supercongruencesOsburn, RobertSchneider, Carsten
2010M_2-rank differences for overpartitionsLovejoy, JeremyOsburn, Robert
2009M_2-rank differences for partitions without repeated odd partsLovejoy, JeremyOsburn, Robert
Dec-2013Mixed Mock Modular Q-seriesLovejoy, JeremyOsburn, Robert
10-Jun-2016Mock theta double sumsLovejoy, JeremyOsburn, Robert
1-Sep-2004A note on 4-rank densitiesOsburn, Robert
Jul-2016On a conjecture of Kimoto and WakayamaLong, LingOsburn, RobertSwisher, Holly
Oct-2007On a conjecture of Wilfde Wannemacker, StefanLaffey, ThomasOsburn, Robert
Dec-2015On recursions for coefficients of mock theta functionsChan, Song HengMao, RenrongOsburn, Robert
Jun-2005On sums of three squaresChoi, StephenKumchev, AngelOsburn, Robert
1-Jan-2016On the (K.2) supercongruence of Van HammeOsburn, RobertZudilin, Wadim
Feb-2015On two 10th order mock theta identitiesLovejoy, JeremyOsburn, Robert
Dec-2008A p-adic analogue of a formula of RamanujanMcCarthy, DermotOsburn, Robert
Oct-2011Principal forms X-2 + nY^2 representing many integersBrink, DavidMoree, PieterOsburn, Robert