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2011Configuration Interaction in Charge Exchange Spectra of Tin and XenonD'Arcy, RebekahMorris, O.Ohashi, H.Suda, S.Tanuma, H.Fujioka, S.Nishimura, H.Nishihara, K.Suzuki, C.Kato, T.Koike, F.O'Sullivan, Gerry
Jan-2012Dielectronic recombination of Pd-like gadoliniumLi, BowenO'Sullivan, GerryFu, Y.B.Dong, C.Z.
2012The effect of viewing angle on the spectral behavior of a Gd plasma source near 6.7 nmO'Gorman, ColmOtsuka, TakamitsuYugami, NoboruJiang, WeihuaEndo, AkiraLi, BowenCummins, T. (Thomas)Dunne, PadraigSokell, EmmaO'Sullivan, GerryHigashiguchi, Takeshi
2010Extreme ultraviolet emission spectra of Gd and Tb ionsKilbane, DeirdreO'Sullivan, Gerry
2012Feasibility study of broad band efficient "water window" sourceHigashiguchi, TakeshiOtsuka, TakamitsuYugami, NoboruEndo, AkiraLi, BowenDunne, PadraigO'Sullivan, Gerry
5-Dec-2011Gd plasma source modeling at 6.7 nm for future lithographyLi, BowenDunne, PadraigHigashiguchi, TakeshiOtsuka, TakamitsuYugami, NoboruJiang, WeihuaEndo, AkiraO'Sullivan, Gerry
2010Ground-State Configurations and Unresolved Transition Arrays in Extreme Ultraviolet Spectra of Lanthanide IonsKilbane, DeirdreO'Sullivan, Gerry
24-Aug-2011Interpretation of spectral emission around 20 nm region from tungsten ions observed in fusion device plasmasSuzuki, C.Harte, Colm S.Kilbane, DeirdreKato, T.Sakaue, H.A.Murakami, I.Kato, D.Sato, K.Tamura, N.Sudo, S.Goto, M.D’Arcy, RebekahSokell, EmmaO'Sullivan, Gerry
21-Sep-2010Measurement of EUV spectra from high Z elements in the Large Helical DeviceSuzuki, C.Kato, T.Sakaue, H.A.Kato, D.Murakami, I.Sato, K.Tamura, N.Sudo, S.Yamamoto, N.Tanuma, H.Ohashi, H.D'Arcy, RebekahHarte, Colm S.O'Sullivan, Gerry
2012Optimizing conversion efficiency and reducing ion energy in a laser-produced Gd plasmaCummins, T. (Thomas)Otsuka, TakamitsuYugami, NoboruJiang, WeihuaEndo, AkiraLi, BowenO'Gorman, ColmDunne, PadraigSokell, EmmaO'Sullivan, GerryHigashiguchi, Takeshi
22-Aug-2011Scaling of laser produced plasma UTA emission down to 3 nm for next generation lithography and short wavelength imagingLi, BowenEndo, AkiraO'Gorman, ColmOtsuka, TakamitsuCummins, T. (Thomas)Donnelly, TonyKilbane, DeirdreDunne, PadraigO'Sullivan, GerryJiang, WeihuaHigashiguchi, TakeshiYugami, Noboru
7-Oct-2011Shorter-wavelength extreme-UV sources below 10nmHigashiguchi, TakeshiOtsuka, TakamitsuYugami, NoboruJiang, WeihuaEndo, AkiraDunne, PadraigLi, BowenO'Sullivan, Gerry
4-Dec-2009Simplified 1-D calculation of 13.5-nm emission in a tin plasma including radiation transportWhite, John KingstonDunne, PadraigHayden, PatrickO'Sullivan, Gerry
28-Feb-2011Spectral and temporal behavior of an alkali metal plasma extreme ultraviolet source for surface morphology applicationsHigashiguchi, TakeshiYamaguchi, MamiOtsuka, TakamitsuTerauchi, HiromitsuYugami, NoboruYatagai, ToyohikoD'Arcy, RebekahDunne, PadraigO'Sullivan, Gerry
Dec-2010Systematic investigation of self-absorption property and conversion efficiency of 6.7-nm extreme ultraviolet sourcesOtsuka, TakamitsuWhite, JohnKilbane, DeirdreHigashiguchi, TakeshiYugami, NoboruYatagai, ToyohikoJiang, WeihuaEndo, AkiraDunne, PadraigO'Sullivan, Gerry
Oct-2010Tungsten spectra recorded at the LHD and comparison with calculationsHarte, Colm S.Suzuki, C.Kato, T.Sakaue, H.A.Kato, D.Sato, K.Tamura, N.Sudo, S.D'Arcy, RebekahSokell, EmmaWhite, John K.O'Sullivan, Gerry
Dec-2004UTA versus line emission for EUVL : studies on xenon emission at the NIST EBITFahy, KennethDunne, PadraigMcKinney, LukeO'Sullivan, GerrySokell, EmmaWhite, John K.Aguilar, A.Pomeroy, J.M.Tan, J.N.Blagojevi, B.LeBigot, E.-O.Gillaspy, J.D.