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Nov-2012Bankfull discharge and recurrence intervals in Irish riversAhilan, SangaralingamO'Sullivan, J. J.Bruen, MichaelBrauders, NeillHealy, Darren
Jul-2008Designing for surface water runoff control : end-user requirements in IrelandBruen, MichaelO'Sullivan, J. J.Gebre, F.Purcell, Patrick J.
1-Dec-2003Discharge assessment in mobile-bed compound meandering channelsO'Sullivan, J. J.Myers, W. R. C.Lyness, J. F.Lambert, M. F.
20-Jul-2012Enhancing flood resilience through improved risk communicationsO'Sullivan, J. J.Bradford, R. A.Bonaiuto, M.De Dominicis, S.Rotko, P.Aaltonen, J.Waylen, K.Langan, S. J.
Mar-2010An evaluation of urban flood estimation methodologies in IrelandO'Sullivan, J. J.Gebre, F.Bruen, MichaelPurcell, Patrick J.
2004Flow resistance of emergent vegetationJames, C. S.Birkhead, A. L.Jordanova, A. A.O'Sullivan, J. J.
2012Influences on flood frequency distributions in Irish river catchmentsAhilan, SangaralingamBruen, MichaelO'Sullivan, J. J.
9-Dec-2013An investigation of the changes in the natural frequency of a pile affected by scourPrendergast, Luke J.Hester, DavidGavin, KennethO'Sullivan, J. J.
12-Nov-2012A modified Muskingum routing approach for floodplain flows: theory and practiceO'Sullivan, J. J.Ahilan, SangaralingamBruen, Michael
7-Sep-2012Non-Intrusive Bridge Scour Analysis Technique using Laboratory Test ApparatusPrendergast, Luke J.Gavin, KennethO'Sullivan, J. J.
1-Sep-2006Overbank flow depth prediction in alluvial compound channelsKaramisheva, R. D.Lyness, J. F.Myers, W. R. C.Cassells, J. B. C.O'Sullivan, J. J.
2012Risk perception – issues for flood management in EuropeBradford, R. A.O'Sullivan, J. J.van der Craats, I. M.Krywkow, J.Rotko, P.Aaltonen, J.Bonaiuto, M.De Dominicis, S.Waylen, K.Schelfaut, K.
1-Sep-2006Sediment transport formulae for compound channel flowsKaramisheva, R. D.Lyness, J. F.Myers, W. R. C.Cassells, J. B. C.O'Sullivan, J. J.
Jun-2012Stage–discharge prediction in straight compound channels using 3D numerical modelsConway, PhilipO'Sullivan, J. J.Lambert, M. F.
Jun-2012Urban drainage in Ireland - embracing sustainable systemsO'Sullivan, J. J.Bruen, MichaelPurcell, Patrick J.Gebre, F.
Jun-2012Water quality monitoring during the construction of the M3 motorway in IrelandPurcell, Patrick J.Bruen, MichaelO'Sullivan, J. J.Cocchiglia, LetiziaKelly-Quinn, Mary