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Mar-2011A comparative picosecond transient infrared study of 1-methylcytosine and 5'-dCMP that sheds further light on the excited states of cytosine derivativesKeane, Páraic M.; Wojdyla, Michal; Doorley, Gerard W.; Watson, Graeme W.; Clark, Ian P.; Greetham, Gregory M.; Parker, Anthony W.; Towrie, Michael; Kelly, John M.; Quinn, Susan J.
2010Excited state behaviour of substituted dipyridophenazine Cr(III) complexes in the presence of nucleic acidsWojdyla, Michal; Smith, Jayden A.; Vasudevan, Suni; Quinn, Susan J.; Kelly, John M.
2012Incandescent Porous Carbon Microspheres to Light up Cells: Solution Phenomena and Cellular UptakeDuffy, Paul; Magno, Luís M.; Yadavc, Rahul B.; Roberts, Selene K.; Ward, Andrew D.; Botchway, Stanley W.; Colavita, Paula E.; Quinn, Susan J.
24-Sep-2012Photophysical studies of CdTe quantum dots in the presence of a zinc cationic porphyrinKeane, Páraic M.; Gallagher, Shane A.; Magno, Luís M.; Leising, Miriam J.; Clark, Ian P.; Greetham, Gregory M.; Towrie, Michael; Gun'ko, Yurii; Kelly, John M.; Quinn, Susan J.
2011Quaternarized pdppz: synthesis, DNA-binding and biological studies of a novel dppz derivative that causes cellular death upon light irradiation.Elmes, Robert B.P.; Erby, Marialuisa; Cloonan, Suzanne M.; Quinn, Susan J.; Williams, D. Clive; Gunnlaugsson, Thorfinnur
16-Jan-2012Synthesis and photophysical evaluations of fluorescent quaternary bipyridyl-1,8-naphthalimide conjugates as nucleic acid targeting agentsRyan, Gary J.; Elmes, Robert B.P.; Quinn, Susan J.; Gunnlaugsson, Thorfinnur
Aug-2010Synthesis and spectroscopic studies of chiral CdSe quantum dotsGallagher, Shane A.; Moloney, Mícheál P.; Wojdyla, Michal; Quinn, Susan J.; Kelly, John M.; Gun'ko, Yurii K.
22-Feb-2012Ultrafast IR spectroscopy of polymeric cytosine nucleic acids reveal the long-lived species is due to a localised stateKeane, Páraic M.; Wojdyla, Michal; Doorley, Gerard W.; Kelly, John M.; Clark, Ian P.; Parker, Anthony W.; Greetham, Gregory M.; Towrie, Michael; Magno, Luís M.; Quinn, Susan J.