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18-Sep-2014An Analysis of Recommender Algorithms for Online NewsDoychev, DoychinLawlor, AonghusRafter, RachaelSmyth, Barry
Nov-2005Conversational collaborative recommendation - an experimental analysisRafter, RachaelSmyth, Barry
16-Oct-2013The Curated Web: A Recommendation ChallengeSaaya, ZurinaRafter, RachaelSchaal, MarkusSmyth, Barry
11-Nov-2015A Game with a Purpose for Recommender SystemsSmyth, BarryRafter, RachaelBanks, Sam
2015Generating Personalised and Opinionated Review SummariesMuhammad, KhalilLawlor, AonghusRafter, RachaelSmyth, Barry
30-Sep-2015Great Explanations: Opinionated Explanations for RecommendationMuhammad, KhalilLawlor, AonghusRafter, RachaelSmyth, Barry
17-Jul-2016Harnessing Crowdsourced Recommendation Preference Data from Casual GameplaySmyth, BarryRafter, RachaelBanks, Sam
23-Aug-2000Inferring Relevance Feedback from Server Logs: A Case Study in Online RecruitmentRafter, RachaelSmyth, BarryBradley, Keith
Aug-2003Item Selection Strategies for Collaborative FilteringRafter, RachaelSmyth, Barry
Sep-2014Mining Product Experiences from User Generated Reviews: A Recommender Systems PerspectiveMuhammad, KhalilLawlor, AonghusRafter, RachaelSmyth, Barry
3-Jun-2015News Recommenders: Real-Time, Real-Life ExperiencesDoychev, DoychinRafter, RachaelLawlor, AonghusSmyth, Barry
Sep-1999Passive Profiling and Collaborative RecommendationRafter, RachaelBradley, KeithSmyth, Barry
Aug-2001Passive Profiling from Server Logs in an Online Recruitment EnvironmentRafter, RachaelSmyth, Barry
5-Apr-2000Personalised Retrieval for Online Recruitment ServicesRafter, RachaelBradley, KeithSmyth, Barry
20-Sep-2015The Recommendation GameSmyth, BarryRafter, RachaelBanks, Sam
1356998Recommending topics for web curationSaaya, ZurinaSchaal, MarkusRafter, RachaelSmyth, Barry
Aug-2007Sticking with a Winning Team: Better Neighbour Selection for Conversational Collaborative RecommendationRafter, RachaelCoyle, LorcanNixon, PaddySmyth, Barry
4-Apr-2001Towards a Domain Analysis Methodology for Collaborative FilteringRafter, RachaelSmyth, Barry
Sep-2004Towards Conversational Collaborative RecommendationRafter, RachaelSmyth, Barry
Jun-2009What have the neighbours ever done for us? A collaborative filtering perspectiveRafter, RachaelO'Mahony, Michael P.Hurley, Neil J.Smyth, Barry