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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jul-2004The approximation order of polysplinesKounchev, OgnyanRender, Hermann
Apr-2009Bernstein operators for exponential polynomialsAldaz, J. M.Kounchev, OgnyanRender, Hermann
Jan-2011Cauchy, Goursat and Dirichlet problems for holomorphic partial differential equationsRender, Hermann
Oct-2016A Characterization of the Khavinson-Shapiro Conjecture Via Fischer OperatorsRender, Hermann
Jul-2007Convergence of polyharmonic splines on semi-regular grids Z x aZ^n  for a to 0Kounchev, OgnyanRender, Hermann
1-Apr-2014Convergence of rational Bernstein operatorsRender, Hermann
Mar-2017The Dirichlet problem for the slab with entire data and a difference equation for harmonic functionsKhavinson, DmitryLundberg, ErikRender, Hermann
Sep-2008The Goursat problem for a generalized Helmholtz operator in the planeEbenfelt, PeterRender, Hermann
Aug-2013Harmonic divisors and rationality of zeros of Jacobi polynomialsRender, Hermann
15-Jan-2016Harmonic functions which vanish on a cylindrical surfaceGardiner, Stephen J.Render, Hermann
15-Apr-2011The Khavinson-Shapiro conjecture and polynomial decompositionsLundberg, ErikRender, Hermann
Oct-2007On real-analytic recurrence relations for cardinal exponential B-splinesAldaz, J. M.Kounchev, OgnyanRender, Hermann
Oct-2009On the Bernstein operator of S. Morigi and M. NeamtuKounchev, OgnyanRender, Hermann
Aug-2008On the mixed Cauchy problem with data on singular conicsEbenfelt, PeterRender, Hermann
Oct-2008Padé approximation for a multivariate Markov transformKounchev, OgnyanRender, Hermann
Jun-2013Polyharmonic functions of infinite order on annular regionsKounchev, OgnyanRender, Hermann
Dec-2012Polyharmonic Hardy spaces on the complexified annulus and error estimates of cubature formulasKounchev, OgnyanRender, Hermann
Feb-2007Polyharmonicity and algebraic support of measuresKounchev, OgnyanRender, Hermann
Jun-2012Positivity properties for the clamped plate boundary problem on the ellipse and stripRender, HermannGhergu, Marius
Apr-2008Real Bargmann spaces, Fischer decompositions and Sets of uniqueness for polyharmonic functionsRender, Hermann