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30-Mar-2020Application of Bologna cycle programme structures and the European credit transfer system to Irish civil engineering programmesMagette, W. L.Richardson, Mark G.
Sep-2009Assessment of ultrasonic signals to determine the early age properties of concretes incorporating secondary cementitious materialsO'Connell, M.McNally, CiaranDonohue, ShaneBonal, JulienRichardson, Mark G.
Aug-2010Biochemical attack on concrete in wastewater applications : a state of the art reviewO'Connell, M.McNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.
2005Chloride diffusion coeficient determination for specificationsMcNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.Evans, ConorCallanan, Thomas
Jan-2009Development of calcium sulfate - ggbs - Portland cement bindersO'Rourke, BrianMcNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.
May-2004Domain size as a parameter for studying the potential alkali-silica reactivity of chert-bearing aggregatesMcNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.Carr, A. J. (Alun J.)Strogen, Peter
Sep-2007Effective use of corrosion inhibitors in highway structuresRichardson, Mark G.McNally, Ciaran
29-May-2012Numerical Model for Quantifying Degree of Hydration in Concrete Mixes with Reduced CO2 FootprintAttari, AzadehMcNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.
Feb-2012Performance of concrete incorporating GGBS in aggressive wastewater environmentsO'Connell, M.McNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.
Feb-2003Performance of high alkali slag concretes in the context of alkali-silica reactionHester, DavidMcNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.
Jun-2000The performance of Irish aggregates in the 'ultra-accelerated test' for alkali-aggregate reactivity with particular reference to chert contentMcNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.
May-2005Reactivity assessment of aggregates : the role of chert crystallinityMcNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.
Nov-2005Significance of the concentration of chloride in the repair of concrete highway structures using surface applied corrosion inhibitorsRichardson, Mark G.Grimes, E.McNally, CiaranSöylev, T. A.
Nov-2005A study of the influence of slag alkali level on the alkali-silica reactivity of slag concreteHester, DavidMcNally, CiaranRichardson, Mark G.