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Sep-2016Autophosphorylation on S614 inhibits the activity and the transforming potential of BRAFDernayka, LayalRauch, NoraJarboui, Mohamed-AliZebisch, ArminRomano, DavidKriegsheim, Alexander vonKolch, Walter
15-Jan-2015Competing to coordinate cell fate decisions: the MST2-Raf-1 signaling deviceNguyen, Lan K.Matallanas, DavidRomano, DavidKholodenko, Boris N.Kolch, Walter
4-Mar-2013The Differential Effects of Wild-Type and Mutated K-Ras on MST2 Signaling Are Determined by K-Ras Activation KineticsRomano, DavidMaccario, HeleneDoherty, Carolanneet al.
24-Oct-2011Eukaryotic Translation Initiation Factor 3, Subunit a, Regulates the Extracellular Signal-Regulated Kinase PathwayXu, T.-R.Lu, R.-F.Romano, Davidet al.
12-Jun-2015Mitogen-Inducible Gene-6 Mediates Feedback Inhibition from Mutated BRAF towards the Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor and Thereby Limits Malignant TransformationMilewska, MalgorzataRomano, DavidHerrero, AnaGuerriero, Maria LuisaKholodenko, Boris N.Kolch, Walter
Dec-2011Mutant K-Ras Activation of the Proapoptotic MST2 Pathway Is Antagonized by Wild-Type K-RasMatallanas, DavidRomano, DavidAl-Mulla, Fahdet al.
19-Jan-2010Proapoptotic Kinase MST2 Coordinates Signaling Crosstalk between RASSF1A, Raf-1, and AktRomano, DavidMatallanas, DavidWeitsman, Gregoryet al.
7-Oct-2016SARAH Domain-mediated MST2-RASSF Dimeric InteractionsSánchez-Sanz, GoarTywoniuk, BartłomiejMatallanas, DavidRomano, DavidNguyen, Lan K.Kholodenko, Boris N.Rosta, EdinaKolch, WalterBuchete, Nicolae-Viorel
2011The secret life of kinases: functions beyond catalysisRauch, JensVolinsky, NataliaRomano, Davidet al.