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Oct-2012Beyond Inequality? assessing the impact of fair employment, affirmative action and equality measures on conflict in Northern IrelandTodd, JenniferRuane, Joseph
28-Nov-2003A changed Irish nationalism? The significance of the Good Friday Agreement of 1998Ruane, JosephTodd, Jennifer
2004Contemporary republicanism and the strategy of armed struggleRuane, Joseph
12-Oct-2010Ethnicity and ReligionTodd, JenniferRuane, Joseph
Mar-2010Ethnicity and religion : redefining the research agendaTodd, JenniferRuane, Joseph
10-Mar-2010Ethnicity, religion and peoplehood: Protestants in France and in IrelandRuane, Joseph
11-Jan-2006Explaining settlement in Northern Ireland : power, perception and path dependenceRuane, JosephTodd, Jennifer
Oct-2010From 'a shared future' to 'cohesion, sharing and integration': an analysis of Northern Ireland's policy framework documentsTodd, JenniferRuane, Joseph
6-Feb-2014History, structure and action in the settlement of complex conflicts: the Northern Ireland caseTodd, JenniferRuane, Joseph
Dec-2012Ireland's Ethno-Religious Conflicts: Path Dependence and its LegaciesRuane, Joseph
2010Ireland's multiple interface-periphery development model: Achievements and limitsRuane, Joseph
Oct-2015Multiple temporalities in violent conflicts: Northern Ireland, the Basque Country and MacedoniaRuane, JosephTodd, Jennifer
Jun-2007Path-dependence in settlement processes : explaining settlement in Northern IrelandRuane, JosephTodd, Jennifer
29-Sep-2003A politics of transition in Britain, France and SpainTodd, JenniferMandeville, AnneRuane, Joseph
2009Protestant minorities in European states and nationsRuane, JosephTodd, Jennifer
Mar-2009Protestant minorities in European States and nationsRuane, JosephTodd, Jennifer
2003The roots of intense ethnic conflict may not in fact be ethnic : categories, communities and path dependenceRuane, JosephTodd, Jennifer
Apr-2004The roots of intense ethnic conflict may not in fact be ethnic: Categories, communities and path dependenceRuane, JosephTodd, Jennifer
28-Nov-2003Theorising the transition: Longue durée and current conjuncture in centre-periphery relations in Britain, France and SpainRuane, Joseph