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8-Feb-2010Antibacterial effects of poly(2-(dimethylamino ethyl)methacrylate) against selected Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteriaRawlinson, Lee-Anne BettyRyan, Sinéad M.Mantovani, GiuseppeSyrett, Jay A.Haddleton, David M.Brayden, David James
15-Nov-2018Application of Box-Behnken experimental design for the formulation and optimisation of selenomethionine-loaded chitosan nanoparticles coated with zein for oral deliveryVozza, GiulianaDanish, Minna K.Byrne, Hugh J.Frías, Jesús M.Ryan, Sinéad M.
Dec-2017Comparative study of the structural and physicochemical properties of two food derived antihypertensive tri-peptides, Isoleucine-Proline-Proline and Leucine-Lysine-Proline encapsulated into a chitosan based nanoparticle systemDanish, Minna K.Vozza, GiulianaByrne, Hugh J.Frías, Jesús M.Ryan, Sinéad M.
Jun-2017Evaluation of PepT1 transport of food-derived antihypertensive peptides, Ile-Pro-Pro and Leu-Lys-Pro using in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo transport modelsGleeson, John P.Brayden, David JamesRyan, Sinéad M.
Sep-2017Formulation, Characterization and Stability Assessment of a Food‐Derived Tripeptide, Leucine‐Lysine‐Proline Loaded Chitosan NanoparticlesDanish, Minna K.Vozza, GiulianaByrne, Hugh J.Frías, Jesús M.Ryan, Sinéad M.
28-Apr-2013An intra-articular salmon calcitonin-based nanocomplex reduces experimental inflammatory arthritisRyan, Sinéad M.McMorrow, Jason P.Umerska, AnitaPatel, Hetal B.Kornerup, Kristin N.Tajber, LidiaMurphy, EvelynPerretti, MauroCorrigan, Owen I.Brayden, David James
Jun-2019Nutraceutical formulation, characterisation, and in-vitro evaluation of methylselenocysteine and selenocystine using food derived chitosan: zein nanoparticlesVozza, GiulianaKhalid, MinnaByrne, Hugh J.Ryan, Sinéad M.Frías, Jesús M.
Jul-2016Oral delivery strategies for nutraceuticals: Delivery vehicles and absorption enhancersGleeson, John P.Ryan, Sinéad M.Brayden, David James
20-Jan-2011PK/PD modelling of combed-shaped PEGylated salmon calcitonin conjugates of differing molecular weightsRyan, Sinéad M.Frías, Jesús M.Wang, XuexuanSayers, Claire T.Haddleton, David M.Brayden, David James
Oct-2014Progress in the delivery of nanoparticle constructs: towards clinical translationRyan, Sinéad M.Brayden, David James
Sep-2015Stability, toxicity and intestinal permeation enhancement of two food-derived antihypertensive tripeptides, Ile-Pro-Pro and Leu-Lys-ProGleeson, John P.Heade, JoanneRyan, Sinéad M.Brayden, David James