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30-Aug-2016Bayesian updating of bridge safety modelHeitner, BarbaraO'Brien, Eugene J.Schoefs, Francket al.
8-Jul-2014A comparison of image based 3D recovery methods for underwater inspectionsO'Byrne, MichaelPakrashi, VikramSchoefs, FranckGhosh, Bidisha
30-Aug-2018Damage Assessment of the Built Infrastructure using SmartphonesO'Byrne, MichaelPakrashi, VikramSchoefs, FranckGhosh, Bidisha
10-Feb-2014Effects of Turbidity and Lighting on the Performance of an Image Processing based Damage Detection TechniqueO'Byrne, MichaelGhosh, BidishaPakrashi, VikramSchoefs, Franck
30-Aug-2016Evaluation of bridge safety based on Weigh-in-Motion dataHeitner, BarbaraO'Brien, Eugene J.Schoefs, FranckYalamas, ThierryD├ęcatoire, RodrigueLeahy, Cathal
30-Aug-2016Evaluation of Camera Calibration Techniques for Quantifying DeteriorationO'Byrne, MichaelSchoefs, FranckGhosh, BidishaPakrashi, Vikram
17-Oct-2011High dynamic range image processing for non-destructive-testingGhosh, BidishaPakrashi, VikramSchoefs, Franck
1-Oct-2016Probabilistic modelling of bridge safety based on damage indicatorsHeitner, BarbaraO'Brien, Eugene J.Schoefs, FranckYalamas, ThierryD├ęcatoire, RodrigueLeahy, Cathal
9-Jul-2015Protocols for Image Processing based Underwater Inspection of Infrastructure ElementsO'Byrne, MichaelGhosh, BidishaSchoefs, FranckPakrashi, Vikram
15-Sep-2014Regionally enhanced multiphase segmentation technique for damaged surfacesO'Byrne, MichaelGhosh, BidishaSchoefs, FranckPakrashi, Vikram
30-Apr-2008ROC dependent event isolation method for image processing based assessment of corroded harbour structuresPakrashi, VikramSchoefs, FranckMemet, Jean BernardO'Connor, Alan
10-Oct-2018ROC-based Performance Analysis and Interpretation of Image-based Damage Diagnostic Tools for Underwater InspectionsO'Byrne, MichaelPakrashi, VikramSchoefs, FranckGhosh, Bidisha
4-Aug-2018Semantic Segmentation of Underwater Imagery Using Deep Networks Trained on Synthetic ImageryO'Byrne, MichaelPakrashi, VikramSchoefs, FranckGhosh, Bidisha
Mar-2018A Stereo-Matching Technique for Recovering 3D Information from Underwater Inspection ImageryO'Byrne, MichaelPakrashi, VikramSchoefs, FranckGhosh, Bidisha
8-Nov-2012Texture Analysis Based Damage Detection of Ageing Infrastructural ElementsO'Byrne, MichaelSchoefs, FranckGhosh, BidishaPakrashi, Vikram
27-May-2017An underwater lighting and turbidity image repository for analysing the performance of image-based non-destructive techniquesO'Byrne, MichaelSchoefs, FranckPakrashi, VikramGhosh, Bidisha