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4-Feb-2010An assessment of bird species within Irish agricultural landscapes using the Field Boundary Evaluation and Grading System.McMahon, Barry J.Sheridan, HelenKinsella, AnnePurvis, Gordon
Jul-2012Different bioindicators measured at different spatial scales vary in their response to agricultural intensityMcMahon, Barry J.Anderson, AnnetteCarnus, TimHelden, AlvinKelly-Quinn, MaryMaki, AmelSheridan, HelenPurvis, Gordon
21-Jun-2018Estimated nitrous oxide emissions from nitrogen fertilizer use on multispecies grassland compared to monoculturesMurphy, PaulHiggins, S.Grace, C.Lynch, BridgetTracy, SaoirseSheridan, Helenet al.
15-Oct-2010Interactions between livestock systems and biodiversity in South-East IrelandMcMahon, Barry J.Helden, AlvinAnderson, AnnetteSheridan, HelenKinsella, AnnePurvis, Gordon
Apr-2017A novel method for quantifying overdispersion in count data with application to farmland birdsMcMahon, Barry J.Purvis, GordonSheridan, HelenSiriwardena, Gavin M.Parnell, Andrew C.
2009Prevalence and distribution of paratuberculosis (johne's disease) in cattle herds in irelandGood, MargaretClegg, Tracy A.Sheridan, Helenet al.
Dec-2013Regional and farm system drivers of avian biodiversity within agriculture ecosystemsMcMahon, Barry J.Sheridan, HelenAnderson, AnnetteCarnus, TimPurvis, Gordon