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7-Apr-2017Can attenuated total internal reflection-fourier transform infrared be used to understand the interaction between polymers and water? A hyperspectral imaging studyMukherjee, SindhurajMartínez-González, J. A.Stallard, Charlie P.Dowling, Denis P.Gowen, Aoife
22-Mar-2011A comparison between gas and atomised liquid precursor states in the deposition of functional coatings by pin corona plasmaHerbert, Peter Anthony FryO'Neill, LiamJaroszyńska-Wolińska, JustynaStallard, Charlie P.Dowling, AmsaraniDowling, Denis P.
Jul-2011Deposition of nano and micron thick aligned fiber plasma polymerised coatings using an atmospheric plasma jet techniqueDowling, Denis P.Stallard, Charlie P.
3-May-2012Evaluation of Protein Adsorption on Atmospheric Plasma Deposited Coatings Exhibiting Superhydrophilic to Superhydrophobic PropertiesStallard, Charlie P.McDonnell, KevinOnayemi, O. al.
Jun-2013Fabrication of nano-structured TiO2 coatings using a microblast deposition techniqueMcDonnell, KevinEnglish, Niall J.Stallard, Charlie al.
22-Mar-2010Influence of coating properties on the adhesion of proteins to atmospheric plasma modified surfacesStallard, Charlie P.McDonnell, KevinDonegan, MickDowling, Denis P.
2014Three Dimensional Coupled Fluid-Droplet Model For Atmospheric Pressure PlasmasIqbal, Muhammad M.Stallard, Charlie P.Dowling, Denis P.Turner, Miles M.