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Published DateTitleAuthor(s)
29-Sep-2020Acting against your better judgementStout, Rowland
Oct-2015Adopting Roles: Generosity and PresumptuousnessStout, Rowland
8-Mar-2018Ballistic ActionStout, Rowland
Apr-2010Being subject to the rule to do what the rules tell you to doStout, Rowland
Oct-2013Can There be Virtue in Violence?Stout, Rowland
1-Jan-2016The Category of Occurrent ContinuantsStout, Rowland
2003Critical notice : Decontaminating our view of the mindStout, Rowland
30-Apr-2019Empathy, Vulnerability and AnxietyStout, Rowland
Jun-2010I-Seeing the anger in someone's faceStout, Rowland
2003The life of a processStout, Rowland
Dec-2012Mechanisms that respond to reasons : an Aristotelian approach to agencyStout, Rowland
Jun-2019Practical reasoning and practical knowledgeStout, Rowland
2002The right structure for a causal theory of actionStout, Rowland
Jan-2015Ryle's conceptions of emotional behaviourStout, Rowland
Mar-2008Twentieth Century Moral PhilosophyStout, Rowland
Nov-2007Two ways to understand causality in agencyStout, Rowland
Nov-2008Was Sally's reason for running from the bear that she thought it was chasing herStout, Rowland
Aug-2010What are you causing in acting?Stout, Rowland
Jun-2012What someone's behaviour must be like if we are to be aware of their emotions in itStout, Rowland
Jun-2010What you know when you know an answer to a questionStout, Rowland